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New Authentic Russian 85mm sound. Taken from the 85 mm divisional gun D-44.

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I have been making Missions recently and one of them includes the T34-85. Because of this it seemed necessary to make another pass at it's sound.

Previously I had taken its sound from a T34-85 firing a blank which clearly isnt enough to capture its proper feel.

The new versions sound has been taken from the 85mm Divisional Gun D-44 which is a direct descendant to the c-53. It basically just has a longer barrel and apparently was used in the last months of the war as a replacement to the 76mm zis3. Also the gun is still in today conflicts so audio for its WW2 T34-85 counterpart can be sourced still (pretty cool i reckon), Obviously having a longer barrel will change its characteristics somewhat... even so....

Some of you might not like it, as you have said on the 88mm sound. It has been made using the same technique and as such puts more emphasis on the depth instead of a "crack" effect.

I think its personal preference. From my own experience I have only heard hunting rifles and Shotguns fired from living in the countryside. But many game devs like DICE who have enormous budgets to go out and record the actual sounds with the best equipment follow a similar pattern of sound design. If they can come back with results like that then I would assume that's near to what I imagine a large caliber round firing would sound like.

Anyway it will probably release whenever Gaijin wants to release the next patch,




Nice! sound nice! would you please Edit the Tiger Engine Sounds please. I consider I miss some details in it and it doesnt sound accurate. I dont even hear that howling sound anymore, I hear it only by players..
Would you please add the klingin / squeekin Track sound tiger kingtiger track sound MG34 HQ SOUND .50 Browning HQ
Stuart HQ Sound

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