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A new release for Shattered Paradise has emerged. It is the biggest patch yet addressing a lot of issues, adding multiqueue and a massive balance overhaul. We are also proud to present our new selection UI for Shattered Paradise and possibly for the entirety of OpenRA.

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New version release-20220529

SP Logo OpenRAMarines, Militants, Marauders, Cyborgs and Razorsharks of Shattered Paradise,

it has been 5 long months since the last release but now we are finally ready and proud to present the biggest update Shattered Paradise has ever seen. New unit models, new voicelines, new effects, visual improvements, adjusted maps, new content, a new selection UI and also a new production method including a massive balance overhaul will be featured in this update.

New Models


We have updated our Titan model (made by areaSZ)

New Effects

new effects

Our fellow community member dnqbob has updated some of our visuals such as GDI and C.A.B.A.L. aircraft

Visual Improvements


We have adjusted the palette color of our Scrin vehicles to increase the visibility through a typical Scrin Army


gdi u nod u mut u

cab u scrin u u researched

We have implemented upgrades into Shattered Paradise to compliment each faction and increase the variety of tactics and build orders. Each faction unlocks 3 upgrades on Tier 2 (Radar tech) and 3 ugrades on Tier 3 (Tech Center tech) respectively.

The New Selection UI

gdi ui 0gdi ui 1gdi ui 3gdi ui 2gdi ui 4gdi ui 5ui 6ui 7ui 8ui 9ui 10ui 11ui 12ui 15ui 14ui 13Spec Selection UI 3 units tooltiSpec Selection UI Disabled

We are very proud to present our newest tool for Shattered Paradise that might even see implementation into the staple roaster of all OpenRA mods. It is our new selection UI being able to feature all unit stats including:

  • Health Points
  • Armor Type
  • Damage
  • Vision Range
  • Attack Range, separated in anti ground and anti air
  • Explosion Radius
  • Movement Speed
  • Power Output/Usage
  • Reload Delay
  • Scrin Shield HP
  • Mind Control Count
  • Carrier Drone Count
  • Harvester Capacty and value of Tiberium in it
  • Unit Cargo
  • Upgrades (researched upgrades will be shown in color)
  • Amount of additional units selected above what is shown

MustaphaTR has all the stats covered with his new code.

The New Direction of Shattered Paradise

We have decided to change Shattered Paradise's method of production from SingleQueue to MultiQueue. This means that multiple production structures will no longer speed up the build times of assets but rather provide additional building queues to produce the respective assets simultaneously.

MustaphaTR was able to implement this new method via lobby option checkbox. The new checkbox called “MultiQueue” is activated by default. However if you prefer to play Shattered Paradise with its old production method of SingleQueue you can simply turn this lobby option off.

The following lobby options have been added:

  • Limit Super Weapons checkbox
  • MultiQueue checkbox
  • Upgrades checkbox

First was something Romanov's Vengeance and a few other mods MustaphaTR has worked on already had, so we added here too. While we want MultiQueue to be the preferred production method for Shattered Paradise, we also added the option to disable it and return to old SingleQueue if you prefer it that way. Note that disabling the option, does not revert any balance changes that were made to account for MultiQueue, so the balance with this option will be a bit off. Third one again, a new thing that you can disable if you want. Disabling Upgrades restores GDI Power Turbines as a plug from Defense queue and makes Scrin Radar automatically enable Glider's mode switch.

We have adjusted literally every asset in the Shattered Paradise by giving each a customised build time as an additional balance method while also improving the balance overall. We have also implemented a new speed level system where each unit has a speed that is a multiple of 15 to classify them into their own speed category.

We have also added a new 2v2 map called Tiberium Forest while also improving already existing maps.

The entire changelog can be read here. You can download the new version from the links below.


Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X (Mono)

On Friday the 3rd of June (around 6pm UTC) our favorite OpenRA content creator and friend TheKaution will be live streaming a show match BO11 series between our strongest community members to give you guys an indepth look into how much Shattered Paradise has improved with this patch.
Livestream of TheKaution

See you guys on the battlefield of any Blue-, Yellow- or Redzone!

The Shattered Development Team


That selection UI is fire! Thank you so much for your hard work!

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you guys are just the best!!! looking forward to trying this at the next LAN party!

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does it have smaller infantry size if not please add that option

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“it's goal” ---> “its goal”

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please new upgrade cabal and new units

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If you guys like Shattered Paradise, be sure to check out the discord linked at the top, we have a large number of active players and regular events!

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