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The release of patch 3.1 is imminent. The final touches are being made and a download should be available by the end of the week.

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The Patch 3.1 (actually a complete re-hash of 3.0 Beta), in spite of school, is almost completed, and many of the suggested changes have been incorperated into this version. As far as I have planned there will be more patches following this one in the future to polish out the bugs and glitches that will almost certainly show themselves in this release :)

Here is a list of additional changes that have been made in addition to what was posted a month ago:

-Space units speed reduced by 25%, size increased by 25%. Hopefully this will make targeting easier for some of the smaller ships.

-Corrupt militia has been removed from the majority of planets. The exceptions are those which omit heavy weapons and thus have a viable chance to overthrow the ocupying force (only Jabiim meets this requirement), as well as the campaign planets.

-Rebel Gallofree Transport in ground combat now flies higher and faster and has better weapons, shields, and armor protection.

-The rather useless B5 Juggernaut has been replaced by the more powerful and, frankly, much cooler A5 Juggernaut as seen in the third Star Wars.

-Toned down the LAAT and MAAT Gunships so they're not quite so invincible anymore.

-Missiles and torpedoes now no longer pentetrate shields.

-Slightly increased the amount of damage ships hulls can take.

Any last-minute suggestions are welcome, and if possible they will be snuck in to the final release for the patch. If not they may be incorperated into future patches. Thanks to everyone who has given their input so far, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this mod in some way, whether through models, textures, particles, or suggestions and corrections in the comments section.



Only Jabiim? That's one hell of a limitation. I would recommend including planets that have heavy weapons, but have lots of corruption too so that a militia would have a chance of overthrowing the forces there (corrupt officers might help the militia.) Maybe 5 to 9 planets with the option would work.

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the reason only jabiim has this option is because the planet info said no heavy weapons, and after looking at info on the planet it seems like a planet-wide version of vietnam. this makes it possible for even a lightly armed militia to stand a good chance of opposing an occupying force. i will do some more research to find what other planets might have such an option in the next release.

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