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457 AD released a new update! Find out what it is about.

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457 AD - The Last Days of the West
457 AD is a Mount&Blade Warband mod set during Emperor Majorian's reign in the Western Roman Empire, during the years that immediatly preceded the fall of Rome and after Attila's death. Our mod is a total overhaul spanning from Ireland to Central Asia and from Norway to Sudan.

Waiting is over! The newest update for 457 AD, after more than 1 year of development, has been released on these platforms:
🟢 MODDB link:
🟢 Steam Workshop link:
🟢 Nexus link: Coming soon

For ANY bug and report please report them in #bugs-errors-and-various-reports on our Discord server!

  • This latest +year of development has been long and tiring. We didn't manage to add all the things that we wanted to add in this update, but we still succeeded in overhauling the mod and the game once more! This is a quick, and incomplete, changelog to show you what has been added:

❗ New world map: not only its larger (takes all Arabia and reaches even to Ethiopia), but it also has a more detailed shape, cooler trees and no more chunky coastline!

❗ Many new quests (Finnsburg quest, Saint Severinus quest, Attila's Sword quest redone, Aestii quest and many others you will have to find out! Make sure to also have good relations with Majorian ;D )

❗ New recruitment system in cities! You'll need some renown to access it.

❗ New diplomatic and tributary system features: now, if you don't want to annihilate a faction, you'll be able to subjugate it!

❗ Hundreds of handcrafted 3D models spanning from weapons, armors, horses, clothing and even some new building! All done according to archaeological and artistic sources

❗ A new faction: Caucasian Alans. They start as tributaries (this is also a new diplomatic feature!) to the Huns and can field among the most powerful heavy cavalry units in the game.

❗ New minor factions: Danir, Augandzi, Scoti, Gallaeci, Vascones, Garamantes, Vidivarii, Aestii, Venedi, Sporoi, Basileion ton Bosporou, Abasgoi, Mordens, Frisii! hese minor factions will be available to trade, conquer and sometimes will offer you quests. If you gain their trust, they'll let you recruit their warriors and if you conquer them they'll pay you tribute and their chief will follow you in battle with his own host... Pay attention though: they can revolt!

❗ Many new scripted events and random things happening!

❗ New horse archer's AI, now they truly are the game changers of this era!

❗ Tons of new scenes to explore!

❗ Many hidden places and dungeons... Full of riches and adventures!

❗ A new building system when you're lord of a fief: now, when you control a fief, you'll be able to improve your own settlement by building several new things.

❗ ...A lot of many other things I forgot to add!

457 Leo Coronation1080p Logo

This project started as a one-man-band in 2019 and now it has a large team with a lot of specialised contributors and this has been achieved only through the quality of our mod, our high standards and a lot of advertisement!

The mod's development is not over! We are not done yet! Give us sometime to read your feedbacks, maybe preparing the classic bugfixing patch and we'll resume the active development on the mod. This time our focus will move towards the endless "sea of grass": the Pontic Caspian Steppes and the frozen forests of Russia. After that, we will instead move south and focus on the Kingdom of Axum. But in the future we also have plans for Arabia and.... CENTRAL ASIA!

Bear with us, follow the development and remember we are HIRING! Currently looking for SCENERS/MAPPERS, 3D Modellers and people to help with coding! But also contributors that can help us with ancient languages (old caucasian languages, old berber languages, oghuric turkic, finno-ugric languages, etcetc), that can go through academic literature in other languages and artists to make 2d art! Without considering our need of people to write dialogues, quests, companion stories, etc. Rome needs you!

By helping out our mod in any of the reliable ways listed above, on our Discord you'll get access to the @Contributor tag that will allow you to access the future betas before the others, when it will be time to test them.

Credit list, OSPs, contributions and many thanks to:

457 AD's developers (Oliver, Maxi, Wlod, Rafa, Fabio) and Discord contributors/veterans
TOAOE assets pack by AsherNitin, awesome stuff!
GulagEnabler, Jannis and anoldretiredelephant for their contributions with their splendid assets
Antonis, Tocan and Madsci for their very needed support with scripts, shaders and more.
Diplomacy 4.3 (source)
Zedpaolo for the exomis tunics from Sparta
Jackson for the flora pack from L'Aigle
Charerg from IB3 for his assets
Tim Succetti for the Orkney Hood
1257AD (source)
Hispania 1200 (source)
Formations and AI
Vikingr (LSP):
igorbb OSP
Dark Ages OSP
migdeu19's OSPs
Rus Armor Pack
Fred's bunch of armors + expansion
Mount and Gladius
Roman Era buildings
Jacobhind's morale scripts
Mercenary Camps of Calradia
Pino's Armor Pack
Crusader's Way to Expiation
Human Motion LSP
Jacobhinds Animation variety
Al Mansur's Packs
TW Attila Shield Patterns
GothicKnight's Classical Italian OSP
2k weapons2 textures
Jaako's Italian + Church Scene Props
Adorno's Scene Prop OSPs
Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacer (turbans)
Native Scene Replacement Pack

Argeomer - - 5,587 comments

Im glad to see this mod never stopped getting updates and work made
I wish the modding team a Happy New Year and a great year!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Thank you!! You're more than welcome:D

Reply Good karma+4 votes
imrikus - - 116 comments

This update is amazing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Thank you man!! More to come

Reply Good karma+2 votes
JhudielTheOne55 - - 134 comments

"started as a one-man-band in 2019 and now it has a large team" Your Quote Says it All. I Hope my mod would had the same. anyways very glad to see the mod being finally released at the start of 2023!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Thank you Flavius! Be consistent, persists and you'll see the results!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
mikeboix - - 657 comments

Congratulations on the release, looks super good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Thank you man! Stay tuned for more 🙏

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SuPer_KrEkEr08 - - 60 comments

Congratulations on this release! I know many mods about early medieval, but its first mode i ever seen about last days of roman empire... congratulations, good luck in modding, its so cool mode!
Happy new year!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Thank you!! 🙏🙏🙏

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Tavore_Ebisu - - 1 comments

Hi!Great mod!!! I noticed a but that when I'm attacking a bandit hideout the command panel(the one that opens up with "backspace" key) does not toggle. I can open the window but it does not close.

This issue only exist during the bandit hideout scenario. Please take a look into this issue.Thanks!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wlodowiec Author
Wlodowiec - - 276 comments

Afaik it's like this everywhere!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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