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I have released yet another patch for version 5 of my Perfected Doom 3 mod. This patch will fix what all previous patches fixed plus more. So you do not need the previous patch pak file anymore.

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This patch replaces the v5.2.0 patch and fixes all known bugs to date. The new features of this patch include a fix where the low ammo sounds were not being played for the Chaingun and the BFG. This patch also reduces the difficulty of the first Vagary Boss. She's still tough but a lot easier. This patch also replaces the Chaingun's firing sound with a much nicer one. Remember, you can now delete the version 5.2.0 pak file since this new pak file does what it did plus more. There is also a new description text file that you can replace the older one with that is in your Perfected mod folder. Enjoy.

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