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Hold on to your Nuggets! There’s quite a bit in store for you today. It’s been another amazing and super productive month. The team’s momentum never slows. They’ve been squashing bugs left and right, as well as improving the game’s performance and your overall experience in the game. So many things have been ironed out thanks to the help from all of you! Your support and feedback is outstanding and does more good than you could ever know.

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Hold on to your Nuggets! There’s quite a bit in store for you today. It’s been another amazing and super productive month. The team’s momentum never slows. They’ve been squashing bugs left and right, as well as improving the game’s performance and your overall experience in the game. So many things have been ironed out thanks to the help from all of you! Your support and feedback is outstanding and does more good than you could ever know. Please continue reporting bugs and issues via Discord, the Forums, or simply sending us Tweets or commenting on Facebook. Thank you for everything you do! Alright, let’s not make this all about you, shall we?


We’re happy to announce the initial rollout of the Save and Load system \o/. We know, we’ve been keeping you waiting for quite some time, but this is a surprisingly complex system due to a few of the technical aspects of the game. This comes down to how we save procedurally-generated content. We needed to ensure 100% accuracy when you load your game back. We are releasing the system with a few limitations in somewhat of a beta mode. Right now, you’ll only be able to have a single save file, but remember that this is only for initial release. This will help us collect and identify bugs more easily.

How does it all work? We’re introducing unique saving mechanics to The Universim. Saving is going to be an actual part of the in-game experience, tied to a certain mechanic. In order to save your game, you’ll need to construct the Archive Building. This structure stores the entire history of the Nugget civilization (also known as save files). When the building is functioning properly, the game can be saved. If the building is destroyed, you’ll likely feel a slight build up of anxiety over the fact that progress will no longer be saved. There will also be anautosave option that will allow your Nuggets to write their history on their own. Of course, you can load your game back at any time from the Archive building or main menu.


As you probably already noticed, we want The Universim to be a challenging experience where every action can lead to a potential disaster for the Nugget civilization. As a result of the game being a work in progress, balancing might be an issue at times, but we work hard to fix issues as we go. At times, you might find yourself thinking that a particular feature is too aggressive or impossible to overcome. Please know that we are developing systems that will allow you to properly deal with negative situations and turn things around.


At this point, you’re going to have to choose to either hold onto your Nuggets or your buildings, because something is going to be blown away! Tornadoes have now been added to the game. They are the latest natural disaster to be implemented and will threaten your civilization whenever they appear on the planet. It’s an enormously destructive phenomenon that can potentially eradicate your entire civilization, but the good news is that it’s very rare and the chances of it hitting your village is very low. If it actually does decide to pay your civilization a visit however, we extend our condolences. In the future, you will be able to direct tornadoes using Creator Powers.

Screenshot at Jul 06 21 14 03


Yes, you read that right! Now you can admire the glorious, shapely, and impeccably-groomed (well, maybe not always) facial hair found on certain Nuggets. What’s cooler than seeing a barbaric Nugget with a thick, red beard yelling unintelligibly about something in the middle of the village? It’s even better seeing them scream like an upset gerbil when picked up and thrown.

nugget beard transparent

However, we didn’t just add beards to the game, we added the innovative Dynamic Beard System™ . With Research Perks, you’ll be able to alter how your civilization looks. Some perks will either reduce or increase the percentage of Nuggets that wear beards with pride. This can be something like the Stone Shaving Blades Perk. It has the unfortunate side effect of leaving Nuggets irreparably scarred, but they’ll feel so much fresher with a shaven face. On the bright side, the scarring will at least add something new to their usually emotionless appearance.


We feel that you might start getting overwhelmed with the amount of news being sent to you by your civilization. We decided to introduce the News Grouping System to remedy this. This system will combine a number of similar news stories that occur within a short time period together into a single event. Of course, we will allow you to choose the manner in which news is delivered to you from the News Archive panel. So far, there are 3 options: Full - will show you all news messages without grouping; Minimalistic - you’ll only see icons related to events; and Compact - similar news messages will be combined into groups. We hope you like it!

Screenshot at Jul 06 21 15 25


  • Introducing a new Age: The Age of Enbrightenment (Previously known as Medieval). We will be adding new structures and upgrading existing structures when the player advances to this point. So far, the upgrades we have are:
  • Upgradable Farm - Increases available plots, and allows two farmers in each farm.

Screenshot at Jul 06 21 16 33

  • Upgradable Well - Increased maximum water capacity and refill rate.

screenshot 4 1

  • Upgradable Reservoir - Doubled amount of water stored.

screenshot 1 1

  • Upgradable Water Pump - Double water output.

screenshot 2 1

  • Eatery and Hospital from previous patch.


To kick off the initial Creator Power implementation, we’re starting with the Heal Power. This Power allows you to heal Nuggets, repair buildings, or even regrow resources that have been harvested. It’s like a trusty multi-tool. You can select this Power from the Creator Power Menu and use it by holding the left CTRL button before clicking on the desired object. This feature is still in an incomplete state, so expect a few missing pieces here and there. The Heal Power will be improved in future patches. We rolled this Power out as quickly as possible in order to help combat the Engineer bug that could still potentially appear. This involves Engineers not performing tasks properly. We believe the bug to be fixed, but precautions are never a bad idea.

screenshot 5 1

  • New Improve Nugget Portraits in the Nuggets ID Cards. Now Nuggets have accessories and you can even rotate them.
  • Now Evolution Tower Research Panel can be open from the main UI


  • Hide Bags - Increase Nugget carry capacity
  • Tinctures - Increase Hospital heal speed
  • Iron Stomachs - Decrease chance that Nuggets will get sick
  • Fertilization - Unlocks Farm upgrade
  • Artisanal Waterworks - Unlocks well, water pump & reservoir upgrades
  • Cooking Utensils - Decrease Eatery cooking time
  • Mortar & Pestle - Decrease hospital medicine preparation time
  • Molars - Decrease the time it takes Nuggets to eat

v17 perks 1

Some of these may seem familiar from the v16 Hotfix


  • Interaction with Nuggets was breaking AI
  • Building placement (Ghoster Effect) was highlighting resources which was not turned off after the building was placed
  • Nuggets no longer play Idle Animation if they died
  • Bug when Building Ghoster Effect won't go away from the cursor after the building was placed
  • Fixed bug that was preventing building placements in a wide open spaced on the planet
  • Minor Building Placement issues
  • We have intensively tested specific buildings AI to improve the nuggets AI behaviour and fix some situations where nuggets would get stuck. Following Structures were stress tested and their overall stability was improved. We found quite few bugs with your help!
    • Fixed issue with Ai when Farmer was assigned to another job during the progress of crop planting
    • Fixed bug when Nugget was assigned to something else during his "Observation Task"
    • Eatery Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Upgraded Eatery Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Engineers Hut Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement (these guys had a lot of issues that we fixed)
    • Farm Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Fishing Hut Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Forecast Tower Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Graveyard Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Hospital Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Upgraded Hospital Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Stone Refinery Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Wood Refinery Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
    • Well/Thirst Ai Bug Fixes and Ai logic improvement
  • Corrected and balanced Farm penalties when a crop is planted in an inadequate Biome
  • Some Natural Resources were not fully cleared at the building contructions zones
  • Fixed bug when you pick up Nuggets with resources. Nuggets were dropping tons of resources around them.
  • Issue when Witchdoctors Backpacks were not cleared fully and Doctor wouldn't go collect more Herbs
  • Zzz Icons no longer appear above the Hut if the Nugget died during the rest
  • Pyre foliage were visable during the construction fixed
  • Fixed: News message bug when hitting ESC button.
  • Fixed: Issue when ESC is pressed when the Disease tutorial window is open.
  • Fixed: Visual bug during Water Well Construction Process
  • Fixed: Visual bug during Water Reservoir Construction Process
  • Fixed: Bug Report window breaking ESC Menu
  • Improved: Additional game engine information is now collected during the bug report.
  • Fixed: Building blueprint staying attached to cursor after placement.
  • Fixed: Cemetery building blueprint size.
  • Fixed: Issue when farm crop was destroyed, this was breaking Farmers Ai
  • Fixed: Issue that occurred during herb gathering, this was breaking Farmers Ai
  • Fixed: Issue when doctor was unassigned during the preparation of medication, this was breaking Doctors Ai.
  • Fixed: Fisherman Hut Model LOD
  • Fixed: Issue when Fisherman was unassigned during the fishing, this was breaking Fisherman Ai
  • Fixed: Issue when Fisherman Hut was destroyed Fisherman Nugget was becoming invisible.
  • Fixed: Boat will be visible only after Fishing Hut construction is complete.
  • Fixed: Fixed black planet / black shader issue with most machines. (if you’re still having issue please contact us and we will work with you closely) So far we fixed everything that our team was able to recreate on local machines. We expect this issue will persist in some rare cases.
  • Fixed: Issue when Nugget was waiting for the partner inside of the residential hut and second partner died before reaching it. This was breaking Ai
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with Engineers Jobs, this was breaking Ai
  • Fixed: Issue when Nuggets was getting stuck during the fish gutting if he was unassigned from the building.
  • Fixed: Several issues were fixed when player was picking up Nuggets from buildings or from the ground.
  • Fixed: Issue when Female Nugget died during the mating, Male nugget was continue mating until he died out of lack of water or food.
  • Fixed: Water shader sometimes was not showing on several Mac Versions.
  • Fixed a bug with Doctor healing dead nuggets
  • Fixed: Issue when Evolution Tower was continue moving main menu was open
  • Fixed: Issue during well placement if ESC key was pressed
  • Fixed: Visual lag with Trees being stretched across the planet
  • Fixed: Mass extinction bug
  • Fixed issue when sometimes stones were visualised as a boxes
  • Nuggets no longer can be picked up through UI Panels
  • Nuggets no longer can be picked up when you in In-Game ESC Menu
  • Nuggets Picking feature is no longer linked to the time (it takes the same amount of time to pick up Nugget if the game time is sped up)
  • Fixed bug when upgraded Eatery building was appearing on the wrong spot
  • Now world audio is muted when In-Game ESC menu open
  • Fixed Grave Diggers status updates, no longer showing "doing nothing" during the tasks
  • Fixed issue when Nuggets were confused after God was picking them out of hut during the mating (who wouldn't be)
  • Animation fixed when Nuggets were dropping resources on the ground
  • Water in eatery will no longer be refilled if Eatery building is turned off
  • Fixed game breaking bug when Herbs were removed buy contructed buildings (this was confusing Prometeus a lot)
  • Fixed issue when Nuggets with the similar name were borned
  • Residential Huts LODs were not displayed correctly, Fixed
  • Junks of rocks are no longer floating above the ground
  • Fixed black planet (knows as a disco ball) issue
  • Reservoir water level was not displayed properly


  • Slight change to windstorm duration.
  • Slight change to Nugget injury minimum timers
  • Changes to building upgrade resource costs (using more refined materials).
  • Farm - Raised all crop food & herb production by 20 to 50%
  • Water Well - Increased refill rate of wells by 100%
  • Fishing Hut - Increased food output by… A whole bunch.
  • Nuggets now will look for help if their health drops below 75% (Before it was 30%, which lead to mass dying during the second Windstorm on the planet)


  • New building: Pre-Medieval Well
  • New building: Pre-Medieval Pump
  • New building: Pre-Medieval Reservoir
  • New building: Archive
  • New building: Pre-medieval Farm
  • Stoneage Well decal added
  • Stoneage Pump decal
  • Stoneage Funeral Pyre decal


  • New icons for new research perks
  • Updated all panels to hold Upgrade panel
  • Farm Panel - added notification for bad biome type
  • Added God powers menu
  • Warehouse panel update - added toggles instead of slider
  • Nuggets list panel update - added X button to close only that panel
  • Fixed missing localization for Crying Nugget Status
  • Upgrades panel visual update
  • News panel archive update
  • Main UI news grouping feature added
  • Updated construction menu. Added new building renders. Refreshed building info cloud a bit

screenshot 3

  • Added save and load tutorial
  • Upgrades panel has now dynamic height
  • Added missing localization for Archive building
  • Added missing localization for eatery tier 2
  • Fixed tooltips in construction menu
  • Added tooltips to god powers menu


Now most of the keybuildings play ambient sounds when you open UI ID Panels

  • Evolution Tower Ambeince Sound
  • Stone Refinery Ambeince Sound
  • Wood Refinery Ambeince Sound
  • Farm Ambeince Sound
  • Fishing Pier Ambeince Sound
  • Reservoir Ambeince Sound
  • Warehouse Ambeince Sound
  • Water Pump Ambeince Sound
  • Forecaster Tower Ambeince Sound
  • Eatery Ambeince Sound
  • Cemetary Ambeince Sound
  • Engineers Ambeince Sound
  • Water Well Ambeince Sound
  • Hospital Ambeince Sound
  • Funeral Pyre Ambeince Sound
  • Residential Hut Ambeince Sound
  • Building Demolish Sounds
  • Nugget Pickup and Drop Sounds
  • New Natural Disaster Sounds
  • Added Soundtrack to In-Game ESC Menu


  • Buildings Fit to surface improvements
  • Eatery Food and Beverage accessories
  • Nugget standing up animation
  • Perk name moved from main UI and moved to the tooltip above Perk Icon in the main UI
  • Players that are not running latest game version will no longer be able to use Bug Report Tool


  • Save system is in BETA, please expect some bugs with it and help us hunt them down
  • Some elements are still not linked to save system, such as: Clouds, Temperatures (not seasons), Windstorm, Tornado, Camera Position
  • Nuggets standing to far from the resources they're mining
  • Black Planet (Disco Ball) still can appear with older Macs


Coming up in the next patch, we would like to concentrate more on performance and overall game stability. This includes eliminating some nasty bugs that have been bothering you and performing a little rebalancing. Due to this, the next patch will be lighter in new content and features. During this time, we’ll also be pushing towards improving the load and save functionality. Please let us know (via Discord or the forums) which bugs should be highest on the hit list and we’ll get to squashing.


Yes, we're going to Gamescom this year! If you’re planning on heading there, be sure to drop by our stall. We love meeting each and every one of you. Most of the team will be there to showcase The Universim to attendees. We’ll be there from August 22 to 26, and, you can find us at Hall 10.1 Aisle. Stop by to pick up some awesome swag. If you mention you’re already part of the family, we’ll treat you as a honored guest!



Our demo has become super outdated on Steam, so we're planning to release a new version in the middle of the month. Demo content will be limited, meaning that certain buildings will be locked and the game itself will be several updates behind the live version. We're also not offering any additional support for the demo. We want to give newcomers the opportunity to try the game out before they buy it. It will also act as a great tool to test your computer’s performance before purchase.

screenshot 9 1

Thank you all for your continued epicness! We’ll always be listening to what you have to say, which we hope you see reflected in each new update. Remaining as transparent, honest, and responsive as possible is what we’re all about. We have some very cool features lined up, so expect an updated Trello roadmap very soon. Please leave your thoughts and comments below. You never cease to leave a smile on our team’s faces.
thankyou 3

Thank you!
All the best, The Crytivo Crew

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