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New update list ft. Nod and their arsenal of cyborgs, flame units/weapons and some tiberium based units.

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Hey All! New update article, this time it's for nod and their arsenal of flame weapons and cyborgs (with some tiberium based stuff)

But first of all - Any sort of unit that u see or recognize from tiberium essence (unit models) - all credit goes to carnius for making them and sharing them


Here is a brief view of the changelog (with some screenshots):

1) New Banshee Bomber (available at t4)20200514133828 1

2) New purifier commandeer ability (based on avatar commandeer ability):20200514133510 1

3) New Temple of Redemption building as a new t5 tech center20200514133604 1

4) New leviathan superunit! (called in by support power)20200514133647 1

5) New beam cannon model
New Phantom Repair vehicles (can be deployed into a stealth generator)20200514133412 1

6) New Incinerator tower! (t4 Artillery tower to match and counter the Ripple Rocket Battery)20200514134136 1

7) New units! (cyborg commando, reapers, ascended squad)20200514134306 1 1

8) Secret shrine can now train infantry: Cyborg Squad (renamed awakened) - Tiberium trooper - Ascended Squad - Reapers - Cyborg commando

-Scorpion Tanks are now trained with both weapons (cannon and laser)

9) New blue tiberium seed (available after upgrade, replaces the normal green tib seed)

10) New purifying vapor bomb (available after upgrade, replaces the normal vapor bomb)

11) New model for the raider buggies' gun after charged particle beam upgrade20200514134118 1

12) Tiberium Chemical plant now gives +50 credits every 3 seconds, and provides an infinite storage for resources

13) Added New Spy Satellite building that reveals the whole map

14) Added walls


15) Moved upgrades around and added new upgrades! (Replaced some existing ones):
> Operations Center Upgrades: Dozer Blades - Quad turrets - Propaganda Speakers

> Secret Shrine Upgrades: Charged Particle Beams - Black Disciples - Purifying Flame - Tiberium Infusion

> Airfield Upgrades: Signature Generators - Vertigo Disruption Pod

> Tech Lab Upgrades: Purifying Laser - Tiberium Core Missiles - FireStorm Ignition - Laser Fencing

> Chemical Plant Upgrades: Blue Tiberium Core - Blue Tiberium Seed

> Temple of Redemption Upgrades: Commandeer Technology - Cybernetic Enhancements - Integrated Stealth Systems - EMP Coils

Changes to Upgrades:
1) Propaganda Speakers: (New) Affects Reckoners and Leviathan, buffs nearby infantry

2) Charged Particle Beam: Affects Raider Buggy, venom, cyborg squad, shredder turret

3) Black Disciples: Affects militant squads

4) Tiberium Infusion: Affects More Units

5) Purifying Laser: (New) Affects all Laser units except commando and shadow teams

6) FireStorm Ignition: (New) Affects Spectres and Leviathan

7) Laser Fencing: No longer a support power, but an upgrade for all Nod Buildings

8) Blue Tiberium Core: (New) Upgrades all Tiberium Core missiles (you need to have tiberium core missiles upgrade first) into blue tib core missiles, and affects tiberium troopers

9) Blue Tiberium Seed: (New) Upgrades green tib seed into blue tib seed

10) Commandeer Technology: (New) Allow Purifiers to upgrade based on avatar's commandeer ability

11) Cybernetic Enhancements: (New) Affects All infantry in the Hand of Nod (Does not apply to units trained from secret shrine) and increases armor, speed, and health

12) Integrated Stealth Systems: (New) Affects All tier 1 vehicles (Attack bike, raider buggy, scorpion tank) and venom, provides stealth


Last thing are the new Centurion Artillery Walkers! (only available at Warmech Facility)

20200515144254 2

That's about it! Scrin update will come next, stay tuned!


good job.... when is the release of the new version of the mod ?

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Firehawk-Ph4ntom Author

i release betas in my discord server for now, until i finish scrin, a public version will be released here on Moddb. But atm, just my discord (im doing this in order to have people find certain bugs and balancing issues)

you are welcome to join too if you want (i posted the discord link in my previous article)

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