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Some new stuff, status update, etc. (last updated 16th of the 03rd 2020)

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Since no-one else involved seems to want to contribute anything to this project, besides a suggestion by Dantles that he now just wanted it to be normal impeial guard race with a squad of robots added (so not even a cybernetica race mod) I've now resumed full control of this project and since all the existing assets were added by me I will continue with it on my own terms, this will be once again be a legio~Cybernetica mod :)

Robot Programming will be reinstated (but you can disable it with a win condition)
(you will also be able to save programs made in-game and load them next time)

You will also now have the option from the original Cybernetica tabletop rules to produce different sizes of each Automata pattern increasing in strength and size (and cost) with access to heavier weapons (larger sizes are available at each tier (finally solving one of the biggest potential balance issues)

Tech-Knight (possibly renaming it soon)(new armoured Cybernetica captain for inducted guardsmen)

extras for later

Conductor Class Automata (cortex controlled vehicles)
.Voss Lightening Conductor
.Predator Conductor
.Land Speeder Conductor

Amigur Field Abeyant (combat abeyant for the mech lord, loosely based on an imperial Amigur knight)..

Atlas-beetle Field Abeyant (pending likely renaming)(small beetle shaped combat abeyant for the Magus_dominus)

The Kastellan card controlled automata will be available to both Cybernetica, imperial Guard and Space Marines via an optional win condition, (hoping to possibly add tinboyz/roborge's for orks too)

Crusader-Mount riders, rapid scout unit for inducted guardsmen (a lightly armoured semi-unprogramed variant of a crusader class automata, designed as an expendable, 'man-piloted' mount for scouting, cybernetica counterpart to a Sentinel)

Mod team,

(work on textures and 3D models, attribute editing, scripting, FX editing, etc.)

(credits: thanks to Dantles for inspiring me to start work on this mod)


Looks great good luck. I have only just entered the Dawn of War modding world a few months ago. I remembered playing this game when it first came out as a kid. So many good memories of playing this with my friends. I earlier this year I decided to play it again and to my wonderful surprise found the Unification and Ultimate Apoc mods. I hope you finish this it does look great. Having played all the mods I could find here I am now trying to learn how to make my own in hope of teaming up with some of you soon. I made my first map this week, once I have added in more detail I will upload here and then start looking at building my first new army.

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