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Here is a short clip of the updated track and a short vid of a WIP weapon!

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The above track ia an updated version of a battle loop that will fade in and out of one or more of the battle sequences. Fully composed with Aviary and all original work. Though I can and do play electric guitar IRL, having to add the rest of it all with software just led to me fully creating the tracks with software. I do have Cakewalk Music Creator, but, as I said, its just a more streamlined process using a simpler program. It also fits the theme of the game better IMO.

Next up is a WIP showing of one of the weapons players will get to wield. Harcore HL2 fans will recognize this as the HL2 Beta OICW, though only by the shape of its enormous scope. It has been completely reskinned, with new sounds and a nice blue muzzleflash. Also included is a VERY WIP Sniper Rifle, which shoots plasma balls. The skin is NOT final in any way and will be completely different within the next few days. The Sniper Rifle is also a HL2 Beta rework, though it has all new sounds, muzzleflash and projectiles too.

For now, Im using these weapons, because, as I stated in the Mod Description, I do not know how to program custom weapons, rig the animations and debug the all new creations. By using these, (for now) I will be shaving months off of the development process since I wont have to learn how to do all of this. That doesnt mean things wont change further into the development cycle though. Personally, Im mostly satisfied with the Pulse Rifle, but not so much the Sniper. I will probably make or find a more powerful firing sound and the skin will be very, very futuristic in nature.

So far, the weapons will include:

Stunstick (possibly metal pipe later)
Disrupter Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Tranq Rifle (the sniper rifle)
Rocket Launcher

And a few more once I work out the appearance, function and sounds.

Also, there will be some contextual items and items that you will have to 'manufacture' by finding the neccesary components and combining them at a workstation. These will include:

Remote Explosives
Proximity Mines

The next update will include some new models I've been working on and hopefully at least one new weapon prototype.

p0w3rs - - 300 comments


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Aggregate - - 69 comments

Yeah, it is cool, but the snipers projectile is far too slow for it to be used as a sniper rifle.

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agent00kevin Author
agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

oOoo good point. I'll definitely have to work on that one. Maybe make it a dart gun or something.

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Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

While the weapons may be from the beta, they fit the theme fairly well :)

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

I am downloading Aviary forever.

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