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The ultimate multiplayer (or with bots) mod for Brutal Doom is adding even more maps and features in version 1.6! A new 24 player Battle Royale/ Survival map taking place inside of a UAC Water and Seqage facility is previewed below, plus new information on 1.6!

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Taking time away really killed the momentum of the project. For that I am regretful! But I am back working hard at Brutal Hell Royale and have more information about version 1.6!

Firstly, there will be new maps! BHR14: Water and Sewage! This replaces the old BHR14 (as far as map name in the .wad) and is a standard LMS/Battle Royale map for 24 players! Players will battle it out inside of a UAC Water treatment facility! Your reflexes and skills will be highly tested from the water storage pod to the Waste Containment yard to the Waste Inflow pod! After 1 miuute, the players will be teleported to a giant water reservoir for the final battle! This one is quickly becoming my favorite! Here are some videos and shots of BHR14:

Waste Containment

Second, the other new map for version 1.5 is BHRSI02: Blood and Sand. It will be a survival/PvPvE map like BHRSI01. Players will fight amongst a desert landscape, with underground bunkers and machine gun emplacements! They must also fight off the demented forces of hell as they send tanks, mechs, choppers, air strikes and even nuclear weapons on the players! It will also feature a 24 hour day and night cycle like BHRSI01! Expect tons of secrets, huge set pieces, boss battles and more! Survive the fight for the secret of the desert! I can't wait to share this one with you!

It's full steam ahead. I can't believe that I actually accomplished and finished something like this beyond what I had even envisioned! It may not seem like much to some, but I am truly proud of this! I thank everyone who has played, continues to play, or will play in the future!

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