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When you get to level 3, a weapon skin shop is unlocked to buy skins for your weapons. Skins can only be bought with in-game money, which is earned by completing challenges, winning games and playing well.

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Yesterday a new feature is added to Operation Lone Wolf, weapon skins! When you reach player level 3, the weapon skin shop will be unlocked. You can buy skins with in-game money, which is earned by completing challenges, winning games, and doing well in the game. So no microtransactions. Challenges can only be completed in Multiplayer. The game has challenges like: go on a 10 killstreak without dying, kill 2 or more people with one sniper shot, reach player level 20, etc. We know some people want their game to look authentic, so without unrealistic weapons skins. So we made it that only you can see your weapon skin, other people will see the original weapon without any skins. This way we can add all kinds of skins without making some people angry.

Tiger Skin

Skin Camo

At this moment, Operation Lone Wolf has 8 gamemodes, 10 maps, 26 weapons, and 18 perks. After launch those numbers will increase in free updates. The game will launch Oct 1st on Steam Early Access. You can already add the game to your wishlist:

Because there is only 1 month left until release, there is a closed Beta going on right now. If you want to take part, or learn more about the game, upcoming updates, and give feedback, you can join the Operation Lone Wolf Discord server right here:

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