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There will be many different types of maps designed for different game modes...

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Here is a list of all 4 game modes & all 3 game settings (plus custom co-op campaign):

-Co-op campaign
-HC Co-op campaign
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The main game modes:

TDM (Team Death Match)
This speaks for its self, these consist of players teaming up to take down one another.

FFA (Free For All)
This is just a mosh pit of players going at it to claim victory.

TYM (Test Your Metal)
These maps are unique in the term that they are designed to test you to near breaking point, these are scenarios whereby the player is facing near imposible odds. One thing that makes these hard is, you're generally serounded by enemies. Although adding real players as your enemies can & will make it imposible. These maps take a lot of time to complete and rely on your skills gained from expienced game play, also note that these maps are usually very large.

TTYM (Team Test Your Metal)
If you like to team up, then chew on this. A team based way to push you to the edge, these maps are particularly difficult due to the reliance upon team work. Without it you will not succeed.

The game settings:

NHB (No Holds Barred)
This is where you get all MCV's provided and sometimes a preconstructed base to go with it. This is a nice layed back form of warfare, IF YOU WANT IT TO BE. This can quite amusing, however most maps of this type are very large. Generally taking over a minute to get accross the screen.

HC (Hard Core)
These maps rely on your memmory are unit presence in an area, also note that these maps completely discontinue any & all surport powers. This is a pure match of stregnth and there is no getting lucky here. The more fire power you have got, the more chance of success you will have

Some bonus modes you may like:

Co-op campaign & Hard core co-op campaign
These are just bonus on the side missions with criteria similar to the original maps, of cause not the same as such.


Pretty nice Good ideas cheers i hope is going well the mod :D!

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on schedule so far

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