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We had to stop developeing the server cause of many reasons. One of them was that we lost the HDD where was saved the server. Anyway, everything is fixed and we are hosting angain! Server is still Beta but playable. Here's a list of new features:

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Version 4 revision 3
We are adding some new weaponry (automag, sniper rifles, plasma cannon, nailer, assault rifles, smgs etc)to bring better gameplay.Also, we managed to add player's house-system. There are two possible ways to get your own home.
One is crafting it (WIP) and other is to buying the kit in a market place.

List of player homes and bases and its crafting system / buying prices
NOTE: is required at least 70% science and 100 repair to build kits (except tents or marquees)
NOTE2: crafting kits are still WIP but playable

-Wood shack : 25 pieces of wood + 10 metal parts = wood shack kit (7.000 caps)

-Basic tent: 10 brahmin hides + 10 fibers = basic tent kit (free, no price)

-Extended tent: basic tent kit + 10 junk + 10 metal parts = extended tent (1.000 caps)

-Small ranch: 50 minerals + 10 wood + 10 metal parts = small ranch kit(10.000 caps)

-Extended ranch: small ranch kit + 10wood + computer parts + 10 metal parts = E. ranch kit (15.000)

NOTE3: all this homes are ready and added to game ONLY for buy it. Tents are gifted by a npc.
We will keep updating the list.

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