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A major update for the upcoming release! A sneak peak at some of the new features that will be added to spice up version 2.0.

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Today, we announce three new features that will appear in the upcoming release. These additions are big enough to warrant posting a new article instead of the usual trickle of screenshots.

First, we have a bunch of new heroes for you. In the original ACM, there were a few special hero units that you could recruit on a handful of planets. In version 2.0, we are going to add a significant number of these heroes to the mix. Each will come with a special ship, usually one that is either unique to that hero or at least more powerful than what you would normally be able to purchase at that tech level. Some will come with specialized bonuses. These heroes will be expensive, and they will be "one and done"- once they die, they stay dead. Use them wisely. Here is partial list of the new heroes, revealing some of the more obvious choices. This list is partial because I don't want to give it all away in the preview!

raddus 1


  • Admiral Raddus - Profundity Cruiser
  • Crix Madine - Nebulon C Frigate, permits you to build SpecOps platoons while in orbit
  • General Bob Hudsol - Corellian Destroyer, gives bonuses to all CEC ships
  • Adar Tallon - Nebulon B2 Frigate, grants bonuses to frigate class warships
  • Borsk Fel'lya - Bothan Assault Cruiser mk II
  • And more....

Admiral Pellaeon


  • Admiral Gilad Pellaeon - Pellaeon Destroyer
  • Chief Moradmin Bast - Modified Dreadnaught, grants build and cost bonuses
  • Captain Lorth Needa - Star Destroyer Mk. I
  • Admiral Kendal Ozzel - Star Destroyer Mk. II
  • Admiral Zsinj - Executor class SSD, builds Raptor Troopers while in orbit
  • And more...



  • Captain Jarid Sikes - End of Days (Modified Kedalbe Battleship)
  • Gizor Delso - Providence Cruiser, builds B-3 battle droids in orbit
  • Booster Terrik - Errant Venture
  • Durga the Hutt - Hutt Cruiser, generates gambling income
  • And more...

Now, on to the next new feature: Shipwrights, those iconic construction yards like Kuat Drive Yards and Mandal Hypernautics. Other mods lock units behind shipwright facilities, requiring you to build them in order to access certain units. Our approach is a bit different. Building these facilities will typically yield global bonuses to all of the units they construct. So, for example, Kuat Drive Yards will generate cost and build time bonuses across the board to all units built by the KDY (Star Destroyers, Harrow Destroyers, Allegiance, Mandator etc). Same deal with MonCalimari Shipyards and so on and so forth. Here is a look at some of the shipwright facilities available:



  • Kuat Drive Yards (Empire)
  • Sienar Fleet Systems (Empire)
  • The Maw Installation (Empire)
  • Mon Calamari Shipyards (Rebel)
  • Incom Corporation (Rebel)
  • SoroSuub Corporation (Rebel)
  • Mandal Hypernautics (Underworld)
  • Hoersch-Kessel Drive (Underworld)
  • Tenloss Syndicate (Underworld)
  • Corellian Engineering Corporation (All factions)
  • Rendili Stardrive (All factions)
  • Telgorn Shipyards (All factions)
  • TransGalMeg Industries (All factions)


The last addition is special structures unique to certain planets. These structures will typically provide large global bonuses that more substantial than what you could get from normal economic or industrial facility. Here are some examples:

  • Intergalactic Bank: boosts all income from Financial Centers (Muunilinst, Bonadan, Cato Neimoidia)
  • Carbonite Processing Facility: major income boost (Empress Teta, Polus)
  • Industrial Scrapyards: variable income boost (Raxus, Vulpter)
  • Industrial Farms: reduces infantry costs, increases infantry health (Dantooine, Neimoidia, Cerea)
  • Cloning Vats: unlocks Phase 2 clone troopers (Kamino)
  • Heavy Mineral Refinery: slightly boosts all mining income (AetenII, Mustafar, Fest, Mimban)
  • Tibanna Gas Refinery: Major income boost (Bespin)
  • And more...

Overall, these new features do not radically overhaul the game play, but they do add a lot of local color to various places in the galaxy and make the game feel more immersive. They also open up some new tactical opportunities and will change your approach to conquering and defending planets, knowing that some of them now deliver major bonuses or support highly valuable special structures. Enjoy!


I'm so excited now!!!

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You're doing some good work right here.

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Can't wait

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