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Consider this the "Change Log" for the New Version of the Mod

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Rebellion vs Empire Campaign (Dark Times)
Clones are grouped in squads again, but act independently
Standard Clone Platoons now have three squads
Standard Clone Companies now have three platoons
Super Battle Droids have Melee Combat
Soldiers can shoot while moving
AATs have missiles
ATPTs have Grenade launchers
Transports can now shoot while landing
Added Ki Adi Mundi to the Clone Wars Campaign
Added the Galactic Marines
Added the 187th Legion

Glitches and Bugs:
ARC Trooper nametags don't work
CIS AI doesn't build space stations in skirmish
Clones randomly use their detonators
CIS and Republic Units are buildable in the Dark Times campaign
Red and Blue squadrons don't switch to their X-Wings in later Tech Levels
Land Vulture droids are still in testing phase.

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