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Hello all, I am developing a new map wad for Doom II. In this article I will talk about what i play to put into this wad. As of now i do not know the release date so I will release new articles to keep you informed.

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I do not know how many levels there will be. As I am writing this I am currently working on the first level. The name of the wad is "Doomed Industry.", This will not be the final name, I have also considered "Hell's Factory" and "Where Hell resides.". I am looking for suggestions for the name so you can suggest one in the comments. I'm planning on making this hard. You might have to download ACC to use my wad because my wad uses ACS


This takes place after the end of Doom II. Civilization and the military are reformed. But Doom guy missed something. There is still one more portal from hell left. And its located in a giant factory. You are tasked to infiltrate it and destroy the last portal. While also destroying the factory that has been arming these monstrous demons, Do you have what it takes?

Custom Textures

As of now, I am only currently using vanilla doom monsters and textures. I am not using any custom monsters or sprites. In the future I may add custom monsters and textures to spruce things up a bit.

Sneak peeks

Screenshot Doom 20200830 122151

Screenshot Doom 20200830 075504

Some ACS code:

script 2 (void)
    if(Numberofarmorbonusescollected == 4)
    Log(s:"You found a \cksecret\cc, good work!");
    Floor_LowerToLowest(12, 10);

You had an Amazing idea. Here is some suggestions

The name: I like the way that "Hell's Factory" sounds, i think is a good name, it's badass and is nice 'n cool to say and remember.

The Story: The Story is Simple and don't have unnecessary details, just like Original Doom.

Custom Textures: I like the idea of Custom textures, but i think custom monsters will break the compatibility with other mods.

The overall idea is very good and I'm very excited to play it. I hope everything goes well and you can finish this project soon.

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its a great idea for a simplish epic wad :D but remember, things like brutal doom breaks down if there custom monsters, and many other gameplay changing mods goes in a similar matter.

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