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This update, I am writing about the first set of developments I will be implementing into the Mario Online engine. These updates include the tile sizes. As you can see on the previews, the blocks on the world look rather large and to be traditional Mario styled, I am going to change the tile sizes to 16 x 16, this will result in them looking more neater and interlocking better and having a more original and sleeker look.

Another change to the engine I want to change is the enemies, currently as the engine was first made, the enemies players encounter in the currently small world are duplicates of the player but as AI, I would like to script in simple mobs at first such as the classical Mario 'Goombas' and then to the turtle and more. This is content I can start to develop immediately and will soon have updates out on these features.

In the foreseeable future, I plan to add Boss mobs into the world, these boss mobs will be your typical Mario boss mobs such as 'Bowser' and the other castle Bosses. Except due to the rpg multiplayer feel I want to give this game, they will possibly be world bosses as I don't think I will be implementing instances, although this may change in time.

Current Additions Since last update:

  • Block collisions with players are smoother - Glitches fixed
  • Full screen mode is implemented ( Use escape to switch between screen modes )

    More information and updates are scheduled to be posted soon, as always enjoy!

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