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This is one of the playable character. Lilie. She's one of the kid of the neighborhood

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So Lilie is one of the eight playable character. The first one was Gary, a sort of bully. I choose to keep a lot of smilarities in the character face to give them a doll looking style. I was quite afraid of Chucky when I was kid and I really think that doll are scary in a way.

So in the end there will be 5 boy and 3 girls. Some new character are expected to be finish by th end of the week.

I may start to upgrade a lot of asset. I didn't like the terrain because it wasn't realistic so I'm thinking of using modeling tool to rebuild it and a sculpting tool to add detail to it. even for the texturing it sound more practical than actually rely on unity terrain because the forest itself won't be really

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