Kakubo is a multiplayer game for everybody, of any age. It’s based on the traditional
hide and seek game, but with some differences to make it funnier and more interesting.
I tried to be innovative and brought some freshness to the usual multiplayer game mode.
There is an emphasis, a real research on the level design, character design and music
as well to make it really original and unique.

The game is based on multi-player party game concept. 6 players (6 kids) during the game, and among them there is the seeker,
the others have to hide. You can choose the kid you want to be among 8 different characters.

Kakubo is composed of several levels like cities and a forest with an abandoned house.
The idea is to make an ambiance childish but scary, spooky in the same time.
The atmosphere is dark, foggy, parties occurres during the night.

During the game, in order not to be found, you can put some traps for the seeker
(like in Mario Kart), it’s the only way you can protect yourself from being catch by him,
because you can’t attack him directly. It is an alternative to the basic FPS game
in which you use weapons,
Kakubo is non violent in the way that you can only use
objects of the environment to trap the seeker like a bookshelf, a rope, etc.
Each time you succeed in trapping the seeker, you win some points.
But at that moment, the game is not over. Indeed, the seeker has 9 lives,
which means 9 chances to find people. So the aim for the seeker is to find people without
being trapped and for the other players is not to be found and trap the seeker until
he loses the party and win some points.

Yet, parties have a time limitation, if neither the seeker has lost his 9 lives nor the players
have been found when the time is out, the one who has the biggest number of points
wins the party, and the one who has the smallest one becomes the seeker.
It is the same thing if the seeker loses all of his lives, winners and losers are determined
according to the number of points accumulated during the party.

For the technical part, I use SmartFox as a networking solution and I will certainly use DimeRocker
Monetization API for the future personalization of the characters. Indeed, you will be able
to choose for the kid you take (among the 8 characters choice) the color of his clothes,
eyes and hair to make your own character.

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New Character Lilie


So Lilie is one of the eight playable character. The first one was Gary, a sort of bully. I choose to keep a lot of smilarities in the character face to give them a doll looking style. I was quite afraid of Chucky when I was kid and I really think that doll are scary in a way.

So in the end there will be 5 boy and 3 girls. Some new character are expected to be finish by th end of the week.

I may start to upgrade a lot of asset. I didn't like the terrain because it wasn't realistic so I'm thinking of using modeling tool to rebuild it and a sculpting tool to add detail to it. even for the texturing it sound more practical than actually rely on unity terrain because the forest itself won't be really

CyanDynamo - - 65 comments

I like the kid-like running style.

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shadowblood2 - - 58 comments

This sounds like a great idea. i would say several alternate costumes for the characters and also being able to hide any where or climb up stuff to hide. For more stages/hiding locations if you want some dark yet childish i would say a torn up carnival, a zoo, some type of kids t.v. show, maybe a large mansion, haunted house, giant bugs or something along those lines. i like the look of the forest maybe add rocks and a moon in the sky and it may look a little better with falling leaves because it looks like a fall type color for leaves in the trees and the city looks like it needs a more older looks plus maybe add stuff blowing in a wind if you can do it just by what i saw in the video. the game mode sounds good i would add 2 more modes like stick were one person hides then makes a noise when they are ready and everyone has to look for them and also zombie when the the person finds someone hiding they join them in the search for the others. and also you should have a safe spot that can be enabled or disabled you know if you can get to it without being seen or found your are safe and don't have to be the seeker. i look forward to this.

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Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

Kinda reminds me of The City of Last Children. I love that game.

I'll track since I like the atmosphere and the ideas.

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