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goldextra is releasing a new beta version of FRONTIERS. This beta (1.6) contains some major improvements and fixings. check it out!

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Greetings citizens of the worldewidewebs,

we are proud to announce the new release beta 1.6
as already mentioned, this new version contains a lot of bugfixes
(now the game is finally playable)
atm 2 servers are online
still need to implement an automatic mapchange after a certain number of minutes, of course.
* Server-crash-Bug fixed
* GameMenue-flickering bug fixed
* Scoring fixed/improved
* Map now with cubemaps
* Level intro(s) implemented
* Being arrested will teleport you into prison, being bribed (as a guard) to a bar
* servers are online and working

playing online:
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so, have fun and give us some feedback!

yours cheerfully,
the fronters team

PS: To anyone who would be interested to contribute to this project (and also has skills in modelling/maping/coding, especially c++ OR world machine knowhow)
you are invited to contact us on


Well this sure came out of nowhere
Sad to see the server bug still isn't fixed...

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of course, it's fixed. but the bastard took fkn ages to be found.

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