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Okay, so i just posted a new beta, and its really just trying to tie up all the loose ends that i left open with OPINHUMAN in the first place. all the features i wanted i figured out how to do and threw them in. NOW, im sorry for going dark for so long, i lost a relationship for this mod, moved around, got a new job, came back started up with the old lady again all that good shit, and ive been sitting here waiting for BD20 to drop...and it hasnt so this bad boy is getting dropped instead.

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seriously, ive added a lot of things, most of it is under the hood, but people who play this mod as much as i do will notice most of the shit.

the reloads have been synced to their sound and kinda...unfucked for lack of a better term.
there have been a ton of added effects, from blood to particles and goodies like that.

i dont remember if i had bright maps in the old one but there are now.

just a lot of things to really enhance your experience, i didnt get around to everything because i didnt want to mess with a ton of stuff just to have it all messed up with BD20. i also have a helluva thing going on in my life right now and really cant commit to doom anymore...i know its sad but when youre dating a supermodel who is way out of your league and youre a tiny italian kid with the worst mustache known to man n his mid twenties i think sometimes you have to prioritize...and doom lost. im sorry. i still play it relgiously but i cant be staring at forums waiting for releases anymore. i just have to focus on my life for a while.

i am working on a pretty fuckin vicious map pack right now that really takes advantage of gzdoom features and i hope i can catch you guys with that soon. especially once all these 4chan kids get out of the addon section of brutal doom when they release their fuckin music pack, or "its got ten billion times more gore than brutal doom" mods. sorry to be a dick...but seriously theres a lot of good shit in there that is just getting buried by terrible terrible mods.

either way, its up, i hope you dig it, ill stick around to see i anyone likes it then hide in the shadows again and pretend like doom isnt the love of my life.

thanks for all the support guys, ill see you when BD20 drops.

and no...i didnt change the fucking g36 out of LMG slot...if you want to do it do it. i dont care enough.

and no, i didnt add a fucking sorry but lugging around 250 pounds of vulcan doesnt really fit with this mod.

love you. send noodz.


Well yeah I would prioritize that mustache too. Im glad you keep your priorites straight. :)

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