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It's been a few days, but we have some great new information for you folks!

All of the following is thanks to Smally:

New animations - more zombie anims have been created, so now the zombies all have varying running, sprinting and walking speeds/motions. They are great, to say the least. I've got to admit, it's pretty creepy seeing a group of these things running after you like that.

New skins - we now have 35 new zombie skins, which look awesome. Since there will be many zombies spawning at once, this will give you quite a wide variety to look forward to.

New timecycle - we have a brand new timecycle, meaning the game is constantly enveloped in darkness and it is difficult to see very far into the distance... they could come from anywhere..:)

New wallpapers & load screens - I will be uploading some great wallpapers very soon, which are also used in game as the load screens.

I will also upload some more updated screenshots showing the further progress of the mod very soon, so stay tuned.

Beta Info - it will be uploaded once I have ironed out some creases in the zombie engine (and added around 29 more zombies). I would also like to create the second mission before the upload, but depending on how long the other stuff takes I might leave it out for now to save some time.

That's all for now. Screenies & wallpapers coming soon so be on the lookout.


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