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I have been testing a new Artificial Intelligence Driving system for RC Simulation and the new collision systems and thought I would post a teaser video of the early results. Lots of takeouts, peels and great side by side semi truck racing. The new ai racing bots in the practicing mode are just a first step in a complete overhaul of the default tracks and what you will be able to do at them.

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Whats up fellow RC Enthusiasts! I am here with some update news, videos and pics of the new AI bots coming to RC Sim in the next update. I have been making some big changes behind the scenes and am getting excited to bring you the next iteration of RC SIMulation 2.0 in 2018..... but for now just a teaser.

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I have been working hard on the new default track layouts and the new AI racing bots. So I just wanted to take a break to show all of the users what is coming to RC Sim in 2018.

Here is a quick teaser video showing 9 AI bots cruising around the some of the new default tracks. Each AI Racing Bot will have around 5-6 different "driver traits" to adjust. This should make the AI racing adjustable for all levels of drivers. These AI Bots are driving the same car that you are with the same physics. No cooked animations. They will react and race each other for position depending on their driver traits.

The next game update will contain a new practice system that will allow users to turn some laps with some general traffic and make the default tracks not feel so alone. For now whatever land vehicle that you load, you will have the option to practice alone or with up to 9 AI Bots. After the game knows how many bots that you are going to load it will look into the users custom paints folder of said vehicle and it will pick a random paint scheme for the vehicle. The accent color and wheel colors of the AI bots will also be generated from the paint scheme color of the AI Vehicle. This should make the bots appear more life like and also gives painters a way to see their creations in action.

After the release of the practice bots and the new lighting system for all default tracks I will then be mainly working on the new racing system with practice, qualifiers and main events.

As always, Thank you for all the support of RC Sim!

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