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Title says it all really. Read on for full details of whats been implemted and a preview on whats to come in Ground Zero.

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I've been able to get some more work done on TK2.ZERO, lots of fun and exciting new additions have just been implemented including;

- Added Mosin Nagant
- Added H&K MP7
- Added GP100
- You can now drag mutant corpses
- Added level changer to dark valley from cordon (located where you find Nimbles perfected suit quest item)
- Added level changer from NPP back to Pripyat
- Additional minor game tweaks

You will all be glad to know I've decided on what additional things that will be implemtented for Ground Zero now as well, these will include;

- New levels (mix of SHOC, CS and COP)
- Add in some factions
- Merge as many CS and COP quests as possible into TK

As always there may be some minor changes along the way but thats whats set in stone to be done. Anybodys comments are always nice to read and if there are any scripters reading this drop me a PM :)

Bolognius_Maximus - - 619 comments

Sounds good! You've been gone for a while huh?

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ketxxx Author
ketxxx - - 1,287 comments

Yeah, sadly when you are a one man modding team as I am you go through periods of suffering from burnout. The good news is I've almost finished the 2.0 version of the mod. I have some armor rebalancing to finish and to finish adding mutants into the all.spawn. After thats done it'll be good to go to final release state instead of beta :) Fortunately Ground Zero (will be built on top of TK) shouldn't take anywhere near as long to do and I can release it in more incremental steps than I've been able to do with TK.

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