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The Chrono Tank source code is now released to the public.

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Yes. You can use this codes to reconstruct chrono legionnaire logic.
Though this is much of a prototype, expect that improvements and balance changes will be made.
If you plan to use it, don't forget to credit me.

I also added the SDK Harbinger fix I've done months back.
UPDATE: The chrono tech source was updated, see the downloads for the info.

News on the Mod Progress:

First, let's talk about the Chrono Tank.
I know that it needs a new model, too bad I don't have any experience with 3d modelling. But if I can, I want it to look like the released concept, with the chrono dome at the top replacing the laser painter. Added with some fixed twin rocket launchers at the side. The gun turret is also modified, at least the end muzzle. Since I want it to blend with the current RA3 style, the skin might be another reuse on the guardian tank, and the dome from the chronosphere.

For a custom model concept, I'm still working on it.

Uprising Units?
Yes, planned to include them a long time ago. Except not all model assets are released (or extracted) yet. Though some of them (Grinder, Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin) I've already started on creating a custom xml and be usable in game. I'm still having coding errors so the game crashes when I create them.

Currently, the institute I'm attending preparatory classes has been under quarantine due to confirmed AH1N1 infection of 3 students, so no classes for the next 10 days. I'm still studying, but from time to time I do some modding in free time. At least I check for some bugs and fix them.

Expected Changes for 3.2
-Grinder Tank available for the Soviets (Thanks Overmind) [not confirmed yet]
-Fix graphical effects on the multigunner turrets. Currently the fx are not in the right positions.
-Fix "ghost model" bug. Sometimes removed units die but leaves their model in the world.


Swine Flu saves the day! :D

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