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Nerepis Weekly Update - 2017/07/23 - New Combat System

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How does one make the best possible game for their fans? Consistent work on base features and iteration over time. It's getting close to almost two years of production. Over that period of time, we figured out how to make a really playable game but more importantly make a unique experience which is fun to play. I'm looking foward to sharing what we are doing but we are still months away.

Last week we implemented a new fighting engine. T...he old one was good, however this one allows for an awful lot of changing scenarios without all the complexities of traditional fighting games. I'm looking forward to sharing some details as we get closer to release.

This week, I have a particularly nasty bug, I need to kill for good. Once that's done. Production will resume on levels and characters. Things appear to be winding down!


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