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Nerepis Update 2017/09/25 - New Game Type, Two years In

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Nerepis Update 2017/09/25

I started Nerepis about two years ago now because I wanted to play 3D weapons-based fighting game where Virtua Fighter met Counterstike. I believe, I've largely delivered on that promise so far. Nerepis is really turning into something special. Even as continue to add new features, game types and maps, strangely enough it all just seems to work well together. For this reason alone, I know I'm on to something.

It's been a good few weeks. I have for the first three game types finished. I'm working on a fourth at the moment and so far, it's really coming together. I'm looking forward to people's reactions when they play this game type because it is the original concept for the game. As I said above, it's taken me two years to get to the spot where I original created Nerepis in my mind. At that point it wasn't about a name but more of an idea on how to make a great game.

Going forward, I am going to continue to refine the game type and then see if I can get this game ready to ship. I'm close but there's still a bit more work to be done.

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