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Marry Christmas Commanders! After some time pass now article was made by Kane's orders!

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Marry Christmas Commanders

cc screen kane 2

I need your opinion again on a few things but this time around they won't be on the article itself but rather on the new moddb forum for the mod.

I opened it quite recently so if you will encounter any issues please inform me

I need your opinions on the follow:

1. What name I should use for the new BH venom?

2. To change the Mantis's voice?

3. To make gdi's and zocon's squads un-crushable to tier 2 with the armor upgrade?

4. To give buzzers another ability? (Info in the forum)

The polls can be found here

You can also commit your opinion there;

I also will take this opportunity to inform you that I opened suggestions and ideas thread there as well, it will be the best place for people to write their ideas and suggestions for me to see, so make the best use of it~

Another good news are that CGF (Unofficial Patch 1.03 creator) gave me permission to see how he fixed some bugs in his own project

And that mean that thanks to him even more bugs are going to get fixed now

Nod vein support power glich,

Scrin Meachampe bugs,

And a few of the Shadow team bugs are history by now :)

May you have marry Christmas Commanders, and many thanks for your support so far.

Keep sending these ideas =D

egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

Seem like moddb's forum system let you use the poll but don't let you commit if you not register user

I didn't was aware of it, so if any unregister user want to commit about something, you can do it here

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darkyuri - - 1,362 comments


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Battle8111 - - 1,000 comments

I am totally taking that Avatar.

1 and 3

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

Eh eh xD I plan to make another one
You can see even more random images I done here

Also I don't sure what you and the user above mean by the numbers,

Did you took a look on the poll? (they in the link)
If you want post your decision here with number you free to do so but at least write what option you choose in 1 and 3

1: AA venom

2. Don't do it

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Cilene - - 70 comments

Really interesting

Actually, buzzers may be better treated as like millions (weak to ranged weapon e.g. fire but strong vs bullets) instead of single unit.

Or maybe it is fun to have buzzers have the ability of circling units for defense protection?

What would you say? I am really expecting your mod.

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

Hey Cilene :)
Didn't saw you here since 2014

I wanted to add you to my friend list but you suddenly changed your profile to priavte and I couldn't send request anymore

I think that buzzers are enough balanced on their own without having more members and making them a squad

They can clear garrison on tir1

They can kill inf one on one in close range but they got to have a weakness which is their low HP and range

Will be funny if we could merge them together to create bigger buzzer that can attack vehicles though xD

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Cilene - - 70 comments


Glad seeing you here. Yeah, I know it has been for quite a while. Sorry for the delay (was not good at this site somehow). I just sent a friend request to you, too :) and hope to follow your project here~

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

Thanks. (Moddb have bug that don't let me reply to people for some reason)

I see, is there any other site you more active at?

I saw you made a map once for KW, in some users love to post their maps and see form pro mappers for advises, if you feel like making maps again you can try ask people there

I currently also look for mapper, though it not really urgent nor priority xD

You can feel free to give ideas to the project as well like the one you gave year ago

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Cilene - - 70 comments

Oh, it has been expired for sometime. Actually I updated that map many times (the crucial is making epic units more alike heroes and enhance/multiply AI strategies by map scripts) and just personally played it with my friends for fun. Will find a chance to re-upload a more completed one.

If possible, I am able to and would like to assist you with maps and some scripts, you know. It is my pleasure being involved in this great project.

Although I did not spend much time on playing and modding since time is pretty short for me, I often value the gameplay balance between defense and offense, especially base defense. Because it has been rare for RTS having so advanced and capable tower defense making buildings really 'attackable' for units, I commented previously on this issue to diverse the experience, you know.

Anyway, will keep in touch and hope to try your mod soon :b

Best wishes

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

Oh you updated the map, where?

If you looking for good map that have heros in it you can try renegade wars mod for KW on gamereplay
It have dota/lol gameplay in kw

I will be glad for any help I can get, I don't have much experience with maps or moded maps but I did made few maps before and can learn pretty fast as it similar to modding in a way (well create the map and the script can be frustrating but i used to it by now xD )

I also don't have much time, I don't mod every day either and didn't play good game for half year but have pile of games that waiting for the day I will touch them xD (my last game was Tales of xilia 2 iirc)

Do you have experience in making normal maps as well? Ones without scripts aside crates and tibirums

I also looking for a way to change the Tibirum spikes on all of KW official maps back to how it was in ver 1.00 and TW

I think the only way will be to extract the maps in a way EA protection system won't detect them and just change the spikes to moded ones

Don't sure if it possible though ^^

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Cilene - - 70 comments

Happy bumper year!
Hope you are doing well with your MODs, have been expecting your work for a long time.

Personally, I do not fancy DotA, so I did not play dota style in KW. In fact, KW has lots of strategies and cooperation between units and that where the charm is, while on the other side, an overpowered unit can make the gameplay quite exciting indeed.

I am sure you would do much better on map creating since you are really professional modding the game. And what I can assist is to design some normal maps, yes. It is easy though need time. But, yeah, I was thinking about importing some RA2-YR maps for KW since I like them much.

Anyway, have a nice life in the New Year and am looking to see your new MODs, will continually follow your progress here.

Best wishes,

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egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,225 comments

I learned how to change the spikes and how to fix many bugs in kw maps, but it will take a few hours of work and do the same action over and over again which is quite frustrating, and because the game start to give me issues after I added skies to the maps I had to start all over again, so I end up putting all the map thingy on hold xD

I have someone on gamereplay who made 2 maps for the mod so far but I didn't gave them in deep test yet xD

You always welcome to join as mapper ofc

I am not that professional, but I did was able to get by and proceed after professionals guide me, if I stuck at something and can't get through it after many tests I end up asking for help in some forums

What I do can say is that where others stop I kept proceed, there are stuff I study alone and some stuff I learned after looking on the existing files, also no one taught me how to use Photoshop so deeply, I learned the basic just barely at school and kept up at home

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