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Long story long, I've planned for a while to add a new unit for Scrin and Reaper17 and the result looked well enough for me, but seem like it wasn't the case for everyone else, especially people who're familiar with the model's source, So......... I need your suggetions here =D

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If you don't feel like reading that wall (although it's important!) just scroll down to the choices section.

Long story long, I've planned for a while to add a new unit for Scrin and Reaper17 and the result looked well enough for me, but seem like it wasn't the case for everyone else, especially people who're familiar with the model's source,

What mostly made things more complex for me this time around was that some people told me they are fine with the Scrin ver of the unit, while others told me they're ok with the Reaper ver and verse versa,
Some also told me they're both good or bad ofc, and I also got few comments who said it looks too much like a spider or the spider from BFEM (Which I didn't tried to hide and used that model cause I've wanted a fellow spider from a different breed to stand next to the Eradicator (which is also a type of *Spider*-like creature) in the battlefield),

So after getting too many different comments on the matter I've started to suspect some psychological thingy may be involved here and did some of these so-called "social tests" (lol xD)

First of I've suspected that the GIF itself I've posted gave people the wrong impression about the unit's size and texture thx to the zoom and map, plus the design of course, which may be hard to tell if it fit or not if it was seen from one angle,

So I've posted these 4 pics to some of my friends/people I know at discord who didn't played KW or played it long ago, and asked them if anything in my mod standouts too much in terms of design, texture, or size, etc. in order to test it, and also used these said pics for sizes comparison,

4 21 4
2 6
3 4

And these who never played KW told me they didn't felt like anything there standouts from the rest of the units, one even pointed on the Seeker xD.

While the ones who played KW long ago just weren't sure if they recall all of the units there were from vanilla or the mod (spider included),

Among my tests were (more than) two cases where one of my friends who did played and had a good memory of both KW's and BFME's units, looked at the pics and knew right away the spider was new,

While another friend who saw KW but mostly played BFME said the spider reminds him of Shelob lol,

None of them said it looked bad or not fit in with the game so far, but one thing I noticed was how easy it was for the 3rd and 4th groups to noticed it was Shelob in one way or another while the 1st and 2nd ones had no clue.

So the first and second groups kinda gave me confident I did a good job with the textures at the very least, but I rather still try to edit the thing till casual Tib players/fans won't have too much issues with it if possible.

Some suggestions I've got on the matter were mostly to change the legs and the back to look like Corrupter/Eradicator,
Which were exactly what I had in mind at first before working on it,

But looking at the Scrin's "aesthetical design" made me noticed few things:
Like how while some of the units had few things in common (mostly static alien-objects that can moves or bug-like creatures) none of them looks the same,

So I thought it be for the best to not just drops on it too many things from other units and went for something in between, for example the model's legs always looked closer to the Gun Walker than the Corruptor's, so rather than just textured them to be fully black or just make the entire unit black and white after the Gun Walker and call it a day I thought it be better to give the unit its own thing and went for dark purple-like color.

With the Reaper version however I didn't had many other models to use and it felt more consistent to go after Shard Walker/Ravager/Seeker/Plasma turret, since they heavily relies on Tibs.

So anyhow,
I don't know how much of it was a physiological thing or how much I went wrong, but one thing I've sure learned was that the C&C community are darn sensitive when it comes to Scrin xD,

I was waiting to get criticized when I've added units like the Cybernetic Engineer from TT or the Skolex from Rivals, but instead to my surprise all of these units mostly got positive feedbacks (which I assume it was thx to them being around long enough in people awareness to get used and accept, but go figure~),

Overall I got the sense the Spider seem to be on the negative end of the equation, but thinks it be a shame to remove it because of it.

So what do you think I should do with the unit?

1. Keep it as it is ("Seeing the pics and reading all of that post made me reconsidering things about it :D").

2. Keep working on it till something better will turn out ("I'm not touching that unit even with a stick D:").

3. Remove the unit entirely ("Scrin don't needs a new unit, I'm fine with not having EMP on their end and keep seeing units kissing my Tripid's legs instead").

4. ("I got a better idea!") lemme know in the comments then.

Cheers o/

Myrion_08 - - 190 comments

I would say keep the model.

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Ahrimansiah - - 3,216 comments

keep the model but as tiberium life form! so i can make the maps even more tasty :D
also make it little bigger lol

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Jayhell6 - - 70 comments

keep it i think its a nice model

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Proxwarrior33 - - 129 comments

I would love it in the game but make it spit some sort of projectile that reduces attack rate of enemy targets and is very good vs infantry

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Radu273 - - 1,425 comments

i for myself just want the mod to be better. the model is not bad but even in the picture you posted with the actual size, its clearly that unit was not made by the same people that made the scrin faction, why? because the art, the design of it differs from the vanilla design, actually im not against it, but im not for it very much either. you can just experiment and put it in the game, it would be good to have a specific purpose for him like what Proxwarrior33 said. answering to your question i think option 2 i prefer, not removing it entirelly but improving the model to make it a part of the scrin.
Anyway, love your mod! :)

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Proxwarrior33 - - 129 comments

Yeah its spits some sort of ink or something that doesnt do much damage to vehicles but does have a good blast width something similar to aoe2 siege onager but its deadly to infantry and not vehicles

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Eduardo82 - - 254 comments

I love it!

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superfototechnicy - - 90 comments

keep it

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

I think it looks a little too much like an actual spider. Maybe alter it so the resemblance is less obvious? Kind of like how the Gun Walker doesn't quite look like an ant, evokes the resemblance because of its shape, legs and movement and also the mechapede doesn't quite look like a worm or millipede, but evokes the resemblance because of its shape, legs and movement.

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Radu273 - - 1,425 comments

not a bad ideea. you stole my words :)

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eafrostbite - - 216 comments

I choose 2. Keep working on it till something better will turn out

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Shamazoo - - 89 comments

1. Keep it, give Reaper-17 unique upgrades to the unit so that it adds uniqueness to the unit. Perhaps the Reaper-17 upgrades will be more powerful than Scrin's version of the unit? Or maybe when it walks out from the portal it comes with Green Tib crystals on its model. With an upgrade to add blue tib for Reaper-17.
While the Green tib upgrade will be for Scrin.

Spider Unit Tib Model Upgrades
- Blue Crystals (Reaper-17)

- Green Crystals (Scrin)

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