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I need help to be able to make faster progress in the development of the mod. If you can create or extract models/sounds from other games and get them working in Portal 2 I would very appreciate it.

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Hi there, I will need help to create the opening scene of the mod.
I have changed a few things and i am missing some materials.
The game start while you are driving a car in a scripted sequence ( more like a cinematic ) you are chased by the combine so you drive like crazy in a rural area.Then you get shot and lost control and crash out of the road. You make a few rolls in the background and lost consciousness.You wake up about 6 hours later next to the warehouse of Aperture Science and then the game start.

To give a real impression i really need to have some extracted sound and model from Half life or other games.

I need a car model that look good enough to be used in the "cinematic" other cars to stand as props.

2 sandbox texture. Sunny Clear Sky ( time is about 1:00pm ) and and other clear sky ( time is about 9:00pm )

I also need a lot of Nature model such as rocks, plants, trees, etc...

I need many sounds to be used for driving, combine sounds, etc.
Optional: extracting many combine vehicle ( flying )

Thank you for any help. It is very appreciated.


I have a better idea, how about instead of scripting this into the game as a .bsp, why not make an intro movie using Source Movie Maker?

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pac0master Author

I do not know how to use SFM but it is a great Idea. If anyone here want to help me out making it using SFM it would be even better.

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That's the one thing I didn't like about the end of portal 2, that video, it felt like it wasn't me finally escaping the facility but someone else. I was put into someone else's shoes and I didn't really like that, but if pac0master does this I wouldn't mind. Whatever helps you create the experience and ideas you have in your mind. Good luck.

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