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1.0.421 is nearing completion and the amount of provinces are somewhat lackluster but the completion of the Historical Route for the Pastry War is currently almost completely finished.

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The contents I have added for the new update almost done, Most of my effort were spent on the British Isles and Australia, it was extremely complicated on how I should draw the provinces.

The Pastry War event is complete however I encountered some issues in the events concerning the options, I am currently on the work of how to fix the issue by the time I send the update into full release.

The Culture Map has definitely expanded for I have some recognizable cultures that come from some of the well known mods such as HPM. Most of said cultures are mostly located in France and the English Isles.

By this time the Update is nearing full preparations for its release, and in case there is any bugs by its release do let me know.

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