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You can discover in this devblog one of best class of warships in Navy Warfare.

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In this first devblog I present the first class of warships of Navy Warfare.

The Arleigh Burke class is a first American class introduced in the game, they are a very good ships.

They are armed with one 5-inch gun Mk-45 mod 4, two Phalanx CWIS (close-in weapon system), two Mark 32 triple torpedo tubes, eight anti-ship missiles and ninety six surface-to-air missiles.

Here are some pictures of it :




I will not talk about the tiers of the ships but you should know that there will be 5 tiers and Arleigh Burke class will be a tier 5. I will talk about tiers of ships in a next article.

You will discover a new class of ship in the next devblog.

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