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RA20XX is getting closer to v1.0, and it is time to show the navy for both Allied and Soviet! Plus, a peak at what I've planned ahead.

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Thank to COVID-19, I'm back from abroad much, much sooner than anticipated. Since then, I've had some time to work on RA20XX and I think I'm heading toward a first release in the coming months. So for the moment, I'd like to show both Allied and Soviet's navy and a few adjustment I've made here and there. Plus, I'll present a brief roadmap, giving you an idea of what I want to finish before v1.0, and what I have in mind for the releases after that.

So let's begin, shall we.

==========Navy Forces==========

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The Allied have five ships. From left to right : Amphibious Transport, Gun Boat, Destroyer, Aegis Cruiser and Drone Carrier.

Amphibious Transport
Role : All purpose Transport
Prerequisite : Naval Yard
Note : It is pretty much the same as in the original YR, really.
Credit : Zero18

Gun Boat
Role : Naval Recon, Anti-Ship
Weapon : 105mm Cannon
Prerequisite : Naval Yard
Note : The Gun Boat is best used to harass unguarded slower ship. Its low cost and high speed makes it a good recon unit. Cannot detect submarines.
Credit : Creator

Role : Main Ship, Anti-Subs
Weapon : 155mm Cannon + Anti-Sub Drone
Prerequisite : Naval Yard
Note : Pretty much the same as in YR, however it now lunch a small drones against subs. Of course, it detects submarines.
Credit : Creator (for the Destroyer), die (for the Drone)

Aegis Cruiser
Role : Anti-Air
Weapon : Medusa Missiles
Prerequisite : Naval Yard + Radar
Note : Again, pretty much the same as in YR, but with a turret now.
Credit : Creator (for the base), die (for the turret)

Drone Carrier
Role : Long Range
Weapon : x3 Air-to-Ground Drone
Prerequisite : Naval Yard + Tech Lab
Note : Similar to YR's Carrier, but with drones.
Credit : Moder.U

For the Soviet, there are 4 naval units, and the Naval Yard is now a Sub Pen (Credit : MadHQ). From left to right : Amphibious Transport, Seawolf, Typhoon Sub, Hammerhead Sub.

Amphibious Transport
Role : All purpose Transport
Prerequisite : Sub Pen
Note : You might have guest it, it pretty much the YR's version with a new coat of paint.
Credit : Zero18

Role : Recon, Long Range, Anti-Air
Weapon : x2 Long range Missile + x2 AA Missiles
Prerequisite : Sub Pen
Note : The Seawolf is a light vessel, armed with long range missiles and AA missiles, making it a very versatile unit on the sea. However, its long range is compensated by slow missiles against other ships, making it a poor choice at close quarter.
Credit : MigEater

Typhoon Submarine
Role : Anti-Ship
Weapon : x1 Torpedo
Prerequisite : Sub Pen
Note : The Typhoon is similar to its YR counterpart.
Credit : Atomic_Noodles

Role : Long Range
Weapon : ICBM with a nuke payload
Prerequisite : Sub Pen + Tech Lab
Note : A submarine capable of striking at long range with a nuke... a nightmare for any Allied commander. The Hammerhead is a terrifying foe believed to be stationed everywhere in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean around the US. On the battlefield, the vessel is very slow to move, and to launch its small nuke. Plus, it cost a fortune to the Soviet commander to produce and will explode violently if destroyed. None the less, it can single handedly change the tide of a battle.
Credit : MigEater (edited)

==========Miscellaneous Changes==========

Here, I'll list a few changes to what has been presented before :

  • First off, I've made some changes to the USA and Pacific Shogunate's uniques units list (again) :
    • The Chrono Tank is now available to every subfaction, and requires a Chronosphere to be build (making it unavailable if Superweapons are disabled);
    • The Athena Strike does no longer replace the EMP Strike for the USA;
    • ...instead, the Black Eagle Orca (now renamed the Spectre Orca) is removed from the Pacific Shogunate's unit roster and added to the USA's (so no more Orca Hunter). Having a stealth fighter fits the subfaction a bit more, I think, since it revolves around the idea of Spec Ops units;
    • The Pacific Shogunate's new unique units is the Imperial Soldier, replacing the Peacekeeper.

User Posted Image

  • The Imperial Soldier is the Pacific Shogunate's basic infantry. It has more armor and does more damage than the Peacekeeper it replaces, but cost 50% more (150 credit). Its uniqueness reside in the fact that the Imperial Soldier will deploy a drone with an EMP Beam when attacking, disabling enemy vehicles for a second (Credit : SPCell for the infantry SHP, cxtian39 for the drone).

User Posted Image

  • The V3 Launcher has a new voxel (Credit : B.A.Znd).
  • USSR's Scavenger will now buff itself when an enemy is near. The buff gives the unit +75% movement speed and +15% armor for five second and the ability is reloaded every 60 seconds. This change makes it a more viable unit by giving it the ability to rush into enemies without risking destruction first.
  • Flame based weapon (Flame Tower, Pyroscript, Komodo Tank) with now damage garrisoned infantries.
  • New SFX when building are destroyed.


Here's a brief roadmap giving an idea of what I still want to do before RA20XX release, and what I plan in the next updates. Sorry, no release date, because I don't want to commit to any.

  • Version 1.0 - What's left to be done :
    • A few coding and graphical tweaks here and there, but everything is mostly finished;
    • Finish a few remaining units or mechanic, like EU's railgun units, IFV's turrets and weapons or the Ministry of Propaganda's buff;
    • Adjust a few SFX, but I don't want to put too much time in this, as it will be a bigger part of the next update;
    • Create simple AI teams. For the release, expect the AI to use simple teams, mostly similar as what can be found in YR;
    • Balance. I'll have to check every units to make sure some are not OP or too weak;
    • Finish cameos for every units. Almost done for the Soviet, but still a lot of work for the Allied;
    • A few GUI background to make the mod different from original YR;
    • Finish the credit list, clean the mix files and create a Readme file. Pretty standard stuff;
    • Make a video for the mod before it's release.
  • Version 1.1 - Same old mod, but better :
    • Balance and bugs fixes, based on feedback from the community;
    • Way more SFX, from Superweapon to unit destruction, to makes the mod more dynamic;
    • Some units change (for exemple, I have plan to completly change the Tengu);
    • Add Stolen Tech Units. The concept and art are decided, I only need to code them;
    • Add gamemodes;
    • Add new maps;
    • More complex AI;
    • Look into CNCNET integration.
  • Version 2.0 - The Third Side :
    • Add a Third Side to RA20XX. It is still in conceptual stage, but it is mostly done in my head.

That's it. That's the update. Stay safe!


cool models and unit concepts.

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Danielovich7 Author

Thank you.

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