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Native New Design V3 update and information.

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Native New Design V 3.9 will be out for testing in may 22
after few weeks of testing, fixing(if needed) and mainly improving 4.0 will be released here as a full and ready version.
3.9 is built from the start, , so all the previous bugs shouldn't be, still the base mod is Tocan Calradia(so its already include diplomacy PBOD and formationsAI).
if you want to test it and help improve or just to be updated with the progress feel free to join our discord:

the feature list will have more things added in 4.0, but the current features will include:
*new troop trees design(3 noble troops path and the large normal commoners path)
*new items and food item tweaks
*new dialogs and tweaked dialogs
*tournament and arena overhaul
*many many new battle options to toggle on and off to enhance the battle experience
*scenes and siege scenes improvement
*civilian outfit set customization
*ask the blacksmith to forge any weapon or armor, repair or upgrade
*loyalty factor, effect rebellions
*many new registry view of stuff, giving more control and information
*merchants and crafts guilds for all the towns(can operate a caravan or enterprise and gain valuable information)
*can send one of your companion to be a caravan leader for passive income
*can change your enterprise production
*second building queue for towns with large population(large work force)
*can cancel construction of buildings
*new buildings
*AI lords will construct buildings too
*player kingdom custom troop tree(CTT)
*change your fief name
*slightly new recruitment page(like in gekokujo that you can pick how much will join)
*can hire merc parties that roaming the land
*recruit in towns
*new page to change your kingdom color, using HTML color pick that give more varied options(with cheat menu can change all the factions colors)
*code to sort troops for AI parties that the strongest troop will be on top of the list
*bodyguard(retainer) troop to each lord party, cap is 32 in each party according to faction policy, will add\replenish 1 retainer each 12 hours a lord is in a friendly town
*improved policies presentation page with all the effect information and added new effects
*village show defenders and will resist more to hostile actions
*color coded messages
*hideout option to hire outlaws
*after a siege 3 options that will effect the town loyalty population and your plunder of gold from it, for AI it will chose 1 option randomly(one of them have a chance to destroy 1 building randomly)
*the speed of parties now count the number of foot and mounted troops, the more mounted troops the faster the party will travel(foot troop will reduce this bonus but not the base speed)
*the new character creation phase in presentation page (improved)
*voice commands in battle, the voice is selected from the start according to the selected starting culture and will have some choices
*and more

if you want to test it and help improve or just to be updated with the progress feel free to join our discord:

all the stuff below is relevant to the old\current version V3(some tho will still be in 3.9)


V3 c1

Native New Design V3 will return to the normal warband map, troop trees rearranged, new items, few new features, fire arrows with better system(clickable in battle), CTT(custom troop tree) mod has been added, when you own your kingdom you can customize freely your troops, added to the character creation phase a menu that let you select the funds of those custom troops(up to 100000, meaning no limit to your troops customization),

V3 c5

When you are a ruler you can view your faction statistics from the reports menu, the information there can be given by your staff members in your capital as well, but to make it a little more convenient its all in one menu,

faction statistics

Recruit in towns for better tier troops but little more expansive,

Recruit nobles from castles after you have enough renown to do so, the nobles(elite troops such as knights, huscarl and so on have been removed from the peasants upgrade able troop tree to their own tree(with no upgrades only themselve) so you can only get them from castles now and after you got the renown needed(freshly adventurer player wont be able to hire them due to lack of renown).

V3 c2

New character creation phase, with presentation that let you choose faction and how to start(adventurer , vassal or ruler) and granting some info and story about the faction,

V3 c9

Polished items and border landscape in battles, many fixes, now lords will have new armors rather than native armors they had,

Smooth after death camera,

Now instead of building blacksmith to repair of upgrade your items i made it possible in any town, like tavern or marketplace(also marketplace now close in night time), the second thing this building was providing was to refill ammo in the defender side in sieges, so this will be now the only effect of that building after its built(the blacksmith repair and upgrade slightly improved from the last version),

V3 will be ready sometime soon, very soon it will be tested in the discord server before, if you interested in joining the discord server and try it and help test it before it published here join the discord-

V3 c4

V3 c8

V3 c6

V3 d 2


Great work, i like the new designs !

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This is awesome! :D continue the good work>!

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noice! i'm a sucker for good warband re-do. cant wait to play!

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Great! Just To Create My Own Troops After I Created My Kingdom

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Looks good

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