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1.2 Update. Small update to merge changes from BioMod 1.1

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NanoMod 1.2
NanoMod 1.2 Update. Merged changes from BioMod 1.1
NanoMod v1.1.8

[1.1.6 - 1.1.8 Most Important Changes]

  • The Range weapon mod did nothing for projectile-based fire. Projectiles will now travel at a faster speed with each Range upgrade.
  • Rewrote the HDTP support setup. Now will no longer attempt to load resources when HDTP is not installed, potentially reducing lag for things like decals, casings, etc.
  • The master level Athletics is now additive with the Speed Augmentation, instead of multiplicative.
  • Fixed Shifter's custom resource loading for the Magnum and 10mm Explosive Ammo icons.
  • Changed the way the Clip Size weapon info is displayed from percentage to an actual amount of extra rounds. Because 6 RDS (+50%) no way equals 11 RDS.
  • Another fix to lamps that are lit by default/by player to retain their lit state correctly, once and for all.
  • Added a setting to turn off the few HDTP Weapon Icons that HDTP has when HDTP Weapon Models are enabled. This is useful to disable if you are using a custom set of icons, like from unifiedDeusEx -- or, if you just don't like them.
    Please read the ReadMe, almost nothing else from unifiedDeusEx is compatible!
  • Added the Gray Dissection image to an appropriate DataCube in the final area.
  • Added the UNATCO Notice image to a DataCube in Mission 4, Hell's Kitchen bar.
  • Don't penalize the NPCs' accuracy for using unzoomed scoped weapons, since they don't really have them zoomed.
  • Grenades no longer immediately explode when coming in contact with a carcass.
  • In the final area, each one of Page's taunts should play only once now.

[1.1.5 Changes]

  • The game has a feature that a certain computer login could have access to a Special Option that other logins don't. But that feature never actually worked. The routine responsible for checking logins for Special Options could almost never pass. Every login had access to special options, even GUESTs. This was fixed.
  • Because of the above change, I made the two computers at UNATCO HQ in Mission 5 that decrypt kill-phrases have their Special Options set to only one particular user that Paul tells you about if Anna is still alive. Meaning, killphrase decrpyption is now available when logged-in/hacked-in only with the user that has access to those decryption options.
  • But good luck hacking the account, because here is another feature I added that was intended to be, but never completed for the game: the account now requires an ADVANCED Computers level or higher to be hacked.

    With that said, the following is a list of computer accounts that now require a particular hacking skill:

  • The computer at the LaGuardia Helibase that gives you the keycode for the secret telephone conversation requires ADVANCED.
  • The computer accounts at the top of the NSFHQ had hacking restrictions already set, but that obviously did nothing before. They are now set to require ADVANCED. Or you can always go find that DataCube in the basement.
    Those two are my favorite lore-wise effects of the following change. So I listed those first before this:
  • Anything and everything that has a Special Option has a requirement of ADVANCED. In other words, the ADVANCED Computer level allows hacking into most terminals with special functions.
    Turning On/Off cameras is one thing, but access to BOT AI alteration should require more skill, right?

In addition to that rule, here are more specific ones:

  • In Mission 5, MJ12 Facility, the security terminals allowing you to control BOT AI requires ADVANCED as by the rules.
  • But because of this, you are no longer stripped of your credits at the start of the mission (just think of it like your ammo - it isn't stripped, right?). You have two options if you don't have ADVANCED Computers: pay the mechanic right away or backtrack and find the DataCube.
  • All computer and security terminals in MJ12 Helibase, VersaLife, and MJ12 Lab require ADVANCED.
  • The computer accounts in the Nanotech Containment Facility for Virus Schematics upload require MASTER.
  • Now, the above change may prove to be impossible in some cases, as you may not have gotten the master password in the previous level if you made a covert approach in the MJ12 Lab. Because of this, I replaced the DataCube in the locked cabinet next to the Virus Schematics computer (you can read that same DataCube in the previous level anyway) with the text for the master password. This allows you to still get everything in the MJ12 Lab by having ADVANCED computers and not kowing the master password in case you chose not to disturb the scientists, and find out the master password right before you actually need it.
    I also created a new NanoKey for the cabinet that you can either pickpocket or loot off of the scientist there -- just in case you're out of lockpicks and rockets and LAMs to open the cabinet.
    Yea, you won't get stuck. This is also a nice touch since it confirms who the scientist is because you can never actually speak to her and thus, her Familiar Name is never shown.
  • The Security Terminal that opens Aug Canister containment pods in that same area with the Virus Schematics computer now has the standard security password used for the two areas. The password it used to have isn't mentioned anywhere, and the terminal itself now requries ADVANCED level to hack. You do not need to access it to pregress the story -- just for the Canisters (which can also be Miltitool'ed) -- as the Keypad for the UC at the bottom raises automatically when you get close anyway.
    To sum up the MJ12 Lab and Nanotech requirements: ADVANCED level Computers, or reading all the DataCubes.
  • Almost all computer terminals in the Cathedral require ADVANCED.
  • Everett's "precious" cryonic storage requires MASTER, while his Security Terminal for opening Aug Canister containment fields requires ADVANCED. You should already know his login/password, though.
  • Milnet Uplink requires MASTER, just for flavor.
  • Everything starting from the Ocean Lab until the end requires ADVANCED, except for the UC Reaction Module computer and the literal Deus Ex ending -- both require MASTER. For flavor.
  • However, since the DataCube for the Ocean Lab Reaction Module is a little hard to find and you need it to actually advance the story now, I moved it somewhere else, somewhat nearby.

  • 'SECURITY' is no longer saved by itself as a password for NanoMod's Auto-Fill Setting. Meaning ONETHING/SECURITY and OTHERTHING/SECURITY are treated as completely different accounts now, and get auto-filled only when both the login and the password match when accessing an account. It has also been removed from the starting known passwords, as SECURITY by itself is no longer a valid password for auto-fill.
    The only other known to me case of matching passwords is at the top of the NSFHQ, but those accounts are both on the same DataCube so that hardly matters. If you know one login, you know the other one anyway.
  • Fixed a bug that kept increasing the initial hacking detection time when logging in and out of an account, leading to unbelievably long hacking attempts afterwards.
  • When cycling through grenades with the Switch Ammo key, WP Grenades are now part of the switch list.
  • When placing the last grenade, switch to next available grenade. Works just like when you throw your last grenade.
  • Decreased the 20mm HE canister's blast radius to match that of a LAM, which is still twice the blast radius of a GEP rocket.
  • Increased the blast radius of the Plasma Bolt. The nerf to its blast radius in 1.1.0 to use single-player values turned out to be a little low, but it's still not as high as the multi-player value it used to have.
  • Commented out a piece of code in ScopeView that was responsible for setting your Crosshair's visibility to whatever value set in your game settings hundreds of times per second, even when not in actual scope view. This effectively gives us control over the crosshair for the times when we want to hide it if it's enabled, like when reading DataCubes and Books.
  • The Scanning/No Target of the Targeting Aug and the the crosshair reticle also get temporarily hidden if you happen to start reading a DataCube/Book.
  • Pressing Escape while the DataCube/Book text is on screen will get rid of the window instead of opening the menu. This will help get rid of any text displays that might get permanently "stuck" on some levels.
  • You no longer pull out your lockpicks when attempting to open an unpickable door that you don't have a NanoKey for.
  • Inside the superfreighter's lower decks there is a DataCube mentioning a code to the hangar. That code wasn't used anywhere and the doors leading to and from the hangar shared the same code as the door to the storage closet elsewhere on the level. The three keypads for the hangar doors now require the correct code from the DataCube.
  • The DataCube in Paris, the one in the police shack, now gives you the map of Paris Metro, like the text suggests it should. A previously unobtainable image.
  • When Cassandra at the Paris Nightclub tells you the code to the saferoom, it is now added to your Notes.
  • In Mission 5, Manderley's Office is now initially locked and can be opened with his office NanoKey (or a lockpick).

Full release history here


Very cool to see modders making new additions for this classic game.


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