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A short summary of my mod. Basically, the change log and credits list for the mod :)

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Command Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars 2


Patch notes:

1. Nod missing descriptions added 2. Nod banner carrier changed for most squads 3. Confessor banner carrier weapons changed 4. Reinforcement power Subterranean APC call, changed squads, now two squads of militant guerilla and two squads of elite rocketmen, cyborgs and blackhand removed 5. Awakened cyborgs now have laser upgrade from laser capacitor 6. Awakened have emp ability 7. Enlightened weapon nerfed 8. Enlightened have additional plasma cannon ability now 9. Black hand elite removed from black hand squad 10. Elite Confessor removed from confessor squad 11. Elite black hand now buildable from crawler only 12. Elite confessor now buildable from crawler only 13. Crawler build queues changed 14. Crawler is still one time deployable 15. Cyborgs will gain offensive capabilities i.e. increased aggression, fire rate and damage from Dark armaments upgrade 16. Cyborgs will gain cybernetic legs i.e. speed increase from dark armaments upgrade and veteran levels 17. Most nod aircrafts will benefit from offensive defensive maneuvers upgrade 18. PURIFYING FLAME and Napalm upgrade now merged to one. 19. GDI upgrades missing icons added 20. Some GDI descriptions added (NOT ALL) 21. GDI elite zone troops are trainable from armory instead of barracks ( a little bug doesn’t let them train for now ) 22. Power plants for both GDI and NOD give comparable power now, NOD power plants are no longer over producing 23. Nod Power plant build time again set to 5 seconds 24. Cyborg commando and Natasha have weapon firing animations issues sometimes 25. Hijackers are now limited builds. 6 only 26. Tank busters removed for now 27. Confessor squad weapon adjusted 28. Enlightened banner carrier damage nerfed 29. Awakened banner carrier is no longer advanced cyborg its enlightened 30. Gdi engineer upgradable to adv engineer like Nod. No longer buildable separately

Bibber - for the kickass modding tools

Madin - for his mix mods

dougbendo for his ideas and support

Yuri,flameheart,decanus for their testing

PurpleGaga(Zocom7) - for his source codes KWR & TacitusRevolution

EALA, CNC forums, PPM,gdi_commando,Cyborg Reaper,Zocom7- for KW and cnc4 units

georgz(georgtiberium) for some new units, particle fx and support powers which will be in the next release

DarthJane for source code of commander

Mjjstral for help with LUA

Stygs for help with modeling tips

Egozi44 for the 4gb patch and his help on the forums

artist0202 - - 249 comments

if i could help you, i would. but i dont have any skills about modding sadly

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