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Today, we show the changelog from first release to latest version.

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Today, we show the changelog of this mini-mod.
It's more detailed than the last news.

UN vehiclesImproved Tank ExplosionSu-30MKK Digital CamouflageNew landing map

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Changelog (v0.1-0.31)


-Increased camera shake factor.
-Removed "Scream4Death".
-You cant enter the uncap base.

-You can get extra points when you destroy enemy vehicle.
-Bots can not get any points. Their scores are always 0.

*Soldier tweaks
-Removed "Dolphin Jump".
-The critical head shot appears only by sniper rifles. And it cause "dead".(can not revive)
-The amount of HP recovered by medipack has been reduced from 100% to 25%.
-The amount of HP revived has reduced from 100 to 25.
-Reduced soldier HP from 120 to 100. same as vanilla bf2.
-Reduced sprint time of heavy armor soldier.
-Kevlar Vest prevents bullet damage more than vanilla bf2.
-Adjusted ragdoll physics.

*Weapon tweaks
-Reduced handgrenades and grenade launchers.
-Increased grenade launcher velocity.
-C4 and C4 time-bomb can be disarmed with the wrench.
-Milkor MGL140 / Portable Minigun / Mortar became pickup kit only.
-Mk19 Grenade Launcher become full-auto. and increased firerate.

-SRAW has two types of guide system. Laser guide and direct attack. Wire guide was removed.
-Tweaked SRAW/Eryx/RPG-7 projectile physics. RPG-7 has bullet-drop.
-TOW missile became more faster.
-Anti-air missiles became more slower. but increased follow performance.

-G36C, G36E, MG36 have two-point burst instead of three-point burst.
-Adjusted sniper rifle zoomfactor. Semi-auto rifles and full-auto rifles are separated by zoom power.
-Anti material rifle can only shot from prone.
-Anti material rifle can damage light armored vehicles. (include APC/AAV.)

-Binoculars can designate lock-on markers.

*Vehicle tweaks
-Reduced tracer interval from most vehicles. it's for performance issue.
-Removed spawnpoints from all vehicles.

+Land vehicles
-Increased land vehicle mobility.
-Reduced collision damage which caused by terrain.
-Added coaxial LMG to APC/AAV.
-Tank guns became more deadly. APC/AAV will be blown up by 1 shot.
-Increased the thickness of tank front armor.

+Air vehicles
-Adjusted aircraft speed and mobility. Max speed without afterburner is set to 800~900.
-Adjusted vanilla aircraft performance to AIX vehicles.
-AAS cannot be locked on by any missiles.
-The lock-on-range of AAS is set to 400 : shorter than AIX.
-Heli gunner can choose guide system, TV guide or Laser guide.


-Removed throw knife from standard kits. There are only in pickup kits.
-Removed AT mine and mortar from anti-tank kit.
-Removed mortar from engineer kit.
-Removed hook and crossbow from sniper kit.
-Added color smoke to assault and support kit.
-Added some pickup kits. (Deployable AAS/ATS)


*Added SR-25 (unlock weapon)


*Added vanilla vehicles

*Added Armored Fury / Euro Force vehicles

*Added clivewill's add-on (Thanks for permission!)
-V-22 Osprey
-Some aircraft skins

==Static Objects==

*Added Czech Hedgehog (for landing maps)


*Added some new skins
-New UN skins for some vehicles
-Fixed textures for G36 series
-Su-30MKK digital camouflage skin for CH/RU
-New SG552 skin


*Added new animations
-Magpul MASADA
-USP Match
-Deployable Stinger/IGLA
-Deployable TOW/HJ-8


*New sounds
-infantry weapon
-vehicle gun
-bullet flyby
-bullet collision

*Added distant sounds
-infantry weapon
-vehicle gun


*Improved effect
-muzzle flash
-fire effect
-missile/rocket trail


*Added some vanilla maps (Bot Support)
-Road to Jalalabad/16,32,64
-Dalian Plant/16,32
-Dragon Valley/16
-Dragon Valley Moon/16
-Karkand Stormfront/16
-Sharqi Peningla/16
-AIX Wake Island/16,32
-Wake Twilight/16,32
-FuShe Pass/16,32,64
-Mashtuur City/16,32,64
-Operation Clean Sweep/16,32,64
-Operation Blue Pearl/16,32,64
-Operation Smoke Screen/16,32,64

*Added new map (Bot Support)
-First Battle of Karkand
-Operation Chromite
-Omaha Beach 2011

*Added HAYABUSA's custom maps (Thanks for permission!)
-Armored Fury Two
-Mercs Bunker Hill
-New City
-Train Yard
-Woodys Revenge


We're goint to show our release plan and information about official coop server in next news.
See you next time.


It would be better if the Sniper kept the grap hook. Otherwise what is the whole point of sniping?

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hey sniping from roofs/buildings is (sorry) for lossers.... specialy at the CoOp mode.
The goal is to play at the same ground level as the bots can go.... with an high skill level above 75%.

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