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NA cRPG 1v1 Tournament and Free for All Melee! Begins July 31st, Friday at 7:00Pm EST Hosted on Na_Crpg_8_Events server. Glory and Riches await!

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64 player 1v1 melee championship

64 player free for all melee

Tournament will begin July 31st, Friday at 7:00Pm EST Hosted on Na_Crpg_8_Events server, by JayJrod.

How to sign up?

Sign ups are hereby open and will be closing on July 30th. Only 64 participants will be accepted. (First come first serve.) Signups and additional information are posted in the cRPG forums tournament section.

Friday , July 31st, 7:00 Pm (Eastern time) 2-3 hours (48 rounds)
Saturday, August 1st, 7:00 Pm (Eastern time) 2-3 hours (47 rounds)
Sunday, August 2nd, 7:00 Pm (Eastern time) 2-3 hours (32 rounds)

All prizes will be directly sent to your main character
1st Place: Crowned helm, 50m exp, 3 heirloom points, title: "Champion of the Melee"
2nd Place: 500k gold, 30m exp, 2 heirloom points
3rd Place: 250k gold, 10m exp, 2 heirloom points
4th Place: 500k gold, 5m exp, 1 heirloom points
All Participants: 100k gold (Stacks with earned prizes aswell.)
Free for all winner: 200k gold, Title: "Champion of the free for all"

We'll be doing a FREE FOR ALL to get things started at 7:00 Pm. (EST)
All 64 participants AND the spectators may join for this mini event.
The server will have 100% friendly fire. So it does not matter which team you pick. - KILL EVERYONE!
There are no rules on teaming up with your friends. There can only be one victor though.
JayJrod shall announce that we are going to start the free for all. Will restart the map, then we will all enter the arena. Once the timer hits 14:30 it will begin (The map starts at 15:00 which means you'll have 30 seconds to get ready.) If anyone hits another player before the 14:30 mark, you will be banned from this tournament, and possibly future events.
You're allowed to hide all you want. - Come out of your hiding hole once you are of the top 10 survivalists.
To the people who kill JayJrod and his friend, Lubu; you will receive an additional 200k gold for each kill. (If you get both kills it will stack to 400k gold)
Last person alive wins! :mrgreen:

Come show your skill to all the best players in Calradia!

njames89 Author

This was a good tournament. I think I was eliminated first round though.

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