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It's been more than one year since we have announced Reflections.
And in this long time span, we only put 'some' of our artworks here; and after a while, we said it was 'suspended'.

The truth is, project itself overwhelmed us and we 'postponed' it. Alongside, two other projects emerged, one of them is in the making (still a bit far from announcement) and one other is quite fun to develop. As their big brother, Reflections took a step backwards to let them make their scene.

Nevertheless, he never slept, never went away. He was always waiting, always next to us.
So I started to rewrite the story, script and the gameplay, and Reflections is about to see an AAA standard, thus making it harder to develop, but now that it has a mature soul, making us more ambitious about it.

Yes, tl;dr, Reflections was never dead, but always was evolving. I am quite proud to say that the story I wrote for Reflections is a never seen one, featuring Lovecraft horror and a humane way to express it. I don't know when it'll emerge from the depths of the bay of Gemlik, but I know it'll be worth it.

By the mean time, we should get ready to make announcements for our current project. A few more steps beyond White Night, in terms of story, gameplay and overall quality is what we are aiming for. Be ready, because this time hiding won't save you.

Regards, Tansel - From Beyond Team Leader.

ReadingNotAllowed - - 466 comments

Great news. Can't wait to see all of your projects! :)

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments


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Ziaholt - - 5 comments

We're workin' on it!

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C-zom - - 599 comments

Great news to see you're still trucking forward. I have faith the projects you make within the next decade will make you famous. Period.

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Maarco - - 17 comments

soon we'll be posting more things. the waiting will be worth. Thanks for all your support.

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