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Alright! This is my first mod on Mod DB. Here's my few words about this mod.

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Alright! This is my first mod on Mod DB (and my first mod ever). I hope I'll be able to finish it in a short time.

First of all, I should describe what inspired me to make this mod. The main reason is a boredom-quarantine. The next is an Amnesia TDD mod called Other which was made by triadtimes. Yes it was short but a very sweet mod and I decided to make something like this but now with a real monster and much longer playtime.

Now I have done almost half of the progress. It took me a few weeks(3-4 hours every day) to reach current progress. This is my first mod, my first serious work in the level and story design. Basically I don't know if my levels are decent or not, and my story. I put a few puzzles although it seems like amnesia community really hate key searching puzzles, so I added something different but still I don't know if people would like it or not.

The mod will use custom music, custom objects and textures(very few) and 2 custom enemies. I'm also getting pretty good with C++/Angelscript scripting(again IMHO). My goal is making a decent Amnesia custom story. But again I doubt I could do that seeing a lot of new mods getting harsh criticism(yes I know it is fair/constructive criticism). So I'm trying to learning at other users mistakes to make sure my mod wouldn't suck. I might need help with english grammar. I'm not native English speaker and my english isn't good. I'm trying to combine three things to build good story: translators, finding texts in context reverso and my english skills but still I'm not sure if my grammar is good.

Here's additional information about my mod:

Playtime: Short

Maps: 6

Voice acting: No(I don't think short stories requires va)

Story: Yes

Puzzles: Yes

Scares/Jumpscares: Yes

Language: English / Russian (I'm not Russian myself but as I live in a lands that is now Russia and know russian well I will do russian translation to get feedback from russian amnesia community)

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