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Welcome to the cumulated newsrelease of MWLL's weekly updates XXV and XXVI. The update brings a size comparison of MWLL Mechs and Crysis buildings, a glimpse at the popular Clan mech Shadowcat and a look at SA_Marshes as well as certain multi-map assets. Enjoy!

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Shadow Cat - Four textured variants

One of the most popular Clan Mechs, the Shadow Cat has finally received its textures. This week, we're presenting to you the four variants of this 45t war machine.
Before you start wondering: yes, the 'cockpit' is still very much WIP.

Clan Shadow Cat - 4 textured variants

SA_Marshes: Updated scenery

SA_Marshes, swampy, foggy home to mosquitoes... and Mechs. These new screenshots illustrate recent changes and general atmosphere on this map.

SA_Marshes - Updated Scenery SA_Marshes - Updated Scenery SA_Marshes - Updated Scenery

New assets

More life is coming to MWLL war zones... Check out these assets below, displayed on SA_ClearCut, but available on other maps, too. In case you're missing base defense walls, these are currently being reworked and the placeholders have been removed for these shots. Also, we hope you like the new waterfalls and river on SA_ClearCut.

SA_ClearCut: Updated ScenerySA_ClearCut: Updated ScenerySA_ClearCut: Updated ScenerySA_ClearCut: Updated ScenerySA_ClearCut: Updated Scenery

Size comparison: MWLL Mechs and Crysis buildings

The two screenshots below illustrate a question that often arises: how big, compared to Crysis, are MWLL assets actually? As you can see on these shots, not even the smallest Mechs would fit into Crysis vehicle factories.

Size Comparison - Weekly Update 26Size Comparison - Weekly Update 26

Right, I'm getting a new PC so I can play this mod.

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I have a new PC and it's got room for 4 more gig of RAM and a shiny new graphics card :) i'm going to enjoy this mod!

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I love the scale pictures. Really drives home how big these things are.

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