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1/4 of the reason I love Star Wars so much is because it has one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Although z3rox's original mod, which this mod bases off of, added some tunes from RotS, I came to the realization that that isn't enough.

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I think the biggest thing music wise is when you are messing around on the galaxy map, building your armies. The music for battles and such is good, but I thought some of the themes could be improved for galaxy map music, and the Imperium, Hutts, and Mandos needed completely new sets. So now the mod will include music from the newly released Force Awakens, SW: The Old Republic, The Force Unleashed, Phantom Menace, Battlefront, and more tracks from Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, and Empire Strikes Back! To me, this helps to immerse the player as it does when watching the movies. I want to feel that while I'm playing the mod. I don't want to divulge any of the tracks but you will find out when released!

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Well it is a good song but seeing as this mod is set during the era of the Galactic Civil War and the original trilogy, the majority of the music will stay as the original trilogy music.

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