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New dlc in progress. Searching a experienced modder for maps, scripts and possibly rigging models for next big update.

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This is the gameplay trailer for the next dlc.

This dlc is intended to advance more the horror side, and this time feel different in Amnesia, expecially for custom storyes gameplays, as well to be used for them. This is also a tribute to the unlucky nerver released mod Closure because of the Cry of Fear look and ambients, combined with Amnesia gameplay, as well as how the soundtracks could looked like in the mod. Other music bases comes from Dead space, a very few, and a few from Dead by Daylight.

I'm currently in search for someone well experienced and capable modder for maps and scripts for the next update.

3 months are passed before the earliest update and I already thinked about a new one other than the one in progress, but I'm just at the start about that level of modding, and I should need years to work with it, because I'm making a mod for another game, and some other personal life things and then looking for getting a job.

It will be very much appreciated if someone interested about this accepts to work with the mod about updating maps and maybe make some new ones as well, making new scripts and maybe rigging models to create new monsters, don't need modeler absolutely, despite it will be very welcome for new assets and monsters.

Because this is what the mod needs to be what it really should be, providing the maybe major update of the mod, making this mod the real Horror Rebuild.

When someone accepts to work with this mod, I will invite him on my modding group as soon as possible.

Other features planned in this dlc are:

Larger edit to the maps, replacing some original assets with edited and custom ones and adding of the hard mode, where monsters will be faster, with better vision, after one attack, they will immediatly attack after and not wait like 2/3 sec, reduced stunned time, more damage and possibly going in hunt mode immediatly after they see the player.

Planned features in another dlcs: Some new maps, larger version of the original ones, new scritps, event music variants, new scritps, wich means more possible things to and new monsters, expecially for the new maps.

Thanks for the attenction.

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