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The development of the co-op multiplayer mode is almost done! I want to talk about the latest progress and current state of development.

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I started developing the co-op multiplayer game mode five weeks ago by creating the first user interface view. Now, I am almost done!


This week, I focused on three major tasks. The first task was to make more features ready for multiplayer like trading with spaceships, accepting missions from random encounters, completing mining and delivery missions, adjusting encounters for specific quests, zombie encounters, the AI system, attacking enemy ships' equipment and crew members with your own crew, etc.

The second task was to add Steam's communication layer for multiplayer. When you create a multiplayer game or when you continue a saved multiplayer game, you can decide whether you want to use TCP/IP or Steam as communication layer. Using TCP/IP is perfect for LAN games or when you use tools like Hamachi to play with your friends or when you want to play with friends who don't have the Steam version of Galactic Crew. If you and all of your friends have the Steam version, you can use the Steam communication layer to play over the Internet without using any extra tool like Hamachi.

The third task was testing. The space-related tasks are almost completed and I did some longer games against some of you. It has been a pleasure to play with you! There are some issues I need to solve, but there's nothing I couldn't solve soon!

I will work on dungeons and planets today and next week. After that, I will test every single feature in singleplayer and multiplayer mode to make sure everything is stable. If there are no unknown problems, the co-op multiplayer update will come in two weeks on 24th February.

If you want to beta-test the multiplayer mode with me, feel free to write me an e-mail at

Story mode

While working on the multiplayer mode of the game, several designers are working on assets for the upcoming story mode. The article's image shows a teaser image of one of the new spaceships.

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