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Hi, I'm UNJIRO. Please watch Multiplayer demo play movie. I ever said "After developing 2nd tribe, We will release Playable demo". But changing tribe color enabled battle in one tribe. so we reschedule and release it. Of course we continue 2nd tribe development.

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Multiplayer demo play movie

  1. Gathering resources is very simple. Just build buildings.
    There are two resources, "Food" and "Piety" only. "God Power" spending resource "Piety".

  2. To expand your territory, raise tribe flags.
    You must raise your tribe flags before build buildings. The map of this game is sorted by hexagon.
    There are several kinds of hexagon field in the map. They make buildings more firmly and increase gathering resources.

  3. It is victory to destroy enemy "GOD Throne".
    The upper screen bars are life of God thrones. It is God health that is on the screen left side. Even if Gods are killed, they revive again and again (takes time to revive).

  4. There are two modes in this game. "GOD Mode" and "Rts Mode".
    God mode : You can control God only. "WASD" move and you can use god power in this mode.
    Rts Mode : You can control every own units. you can raise flags in this mode.

Gods -Multiplayer Demo-  v0.13

Thank you for watching!! Please wait until multiplayer demo release.


It's really cool. But mobs and Gods should have their own voices.

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Thank you for your comment!

Just as you say.
We're going to record their voices in the near future. They are my fictitious units, so I will record their voices in their own languages.
Thank you for your advice!!

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