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We are moving the mod to Starcraft II. SCII provides many more opportunities and will make for a much better mod than CnC3. In the recent future, we will have a new website and our own forums to show you. For now, here's a render of the amazingly detailed Super Battle Droid (B2), made with the same detail that makes our mod known for arguably the best graphics of any RTS mod.

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Well, it's been a while since we've had a news update. However, the team has been working hard behind the scenes to continue bringing you the unparalleled quality of work that Galaxy at War is famous for. We have a new unit, the Super Battle Droid, also known as the B2, modeled and animated by TiJil and skinned by Master Windu and Dr. Nick.

In other news, we are moving the mod to Starcraft II. We believe that it will provide the community and opportunities that would be the best for the mod. There is still the possibility that it will be coded in for CnC3; however the main focus of the mod team is now to make the mod for Starcraft II.

We are working on a brand new website, and hope to have our own forums up in the next week or so. So stay tuned, we have many forthcoming updates filled with some of our best work yet.

Click on the link to see a larger render.


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- Galaxy at War Mod Team


What makes you think that the modding capabilities of SCII will be superior to C&C3?

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Look up Blizzard's SC2 moding tech demo and you'll see first hand why they switched engines.

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Model looks great, but from what I've heard, Blizzard has been rather obtuse towards potential modders of SC2. Unless I've missed some update, seems kind of odd that you'd swap to it. Good luck though.

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Master_Windu Author

That has happened in the past, yes, but SCII just offers so many possibilities and looks perfect for a SW mod. The way the maps work, the art is, animations and coding, it all seems set up perfectly for what we want to do.

Secondly, our lead animator, TiJil, has led multiple mods for SC1, and has experience modding Blizzard games, especially those in the SC series.

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