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There is a high probability I will have to switch from Source to CryEngine3, unless rumored new Source engine comes out and is actually up for the job.

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I have recently started developing this mod after a couple months of delays, and as further I am going to completion the more, sadly, it is looking like Source at it's current state will not be feasible for my vision of what I want the mod to be.

I've done some research on what I could replace it with, heck I even started learning OpenGL to make an indie, I'm still going to continue on that though, but with free CryEngine3 SDK I figured why not. So far it seems it might be better for the task, being designed for island maps and such.

The problem is, it actually seems to have less documentation than Source, even though Source has none, and everything is done by community, here though the wiki seems even worse, though I just started, so I might be missing something.

All in all, CryEngine3 seems better choice at the moment, unless the rumored new Source engine comes out very soon and it actually supports, also rumored, open maps with dynamic lightning.

I'd love to stay with Source, considering how familiar I got to it over the years, and the amount of work I already put into mod already, but it just seems that I might be better this way.

Might reopen the mod page soon.


Good luck. I hope you can create your vision in CryEngine!

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