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It's not a completely new one... but it's still exciting!

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Hello there, it has certainly been a while, isn't it?

I have some exciting news. About a year ago I joined the Sven Co-op development team to work on various elements for 5.0's release. Along with real life suddenly eating most of my time, it has caused me to use the little of free time I had to work on something else than Aurora Effect.

Rest assured, I have not forgotten about Aurora Effect, it's the complete opposite actually. Throughout the months I've spent working with the Sven Co-op team, I've really realised how amazing and dedicated they are, especially programmers like Sniper, AdamR and Solokiller that are always here to help you out when you face a technical challenge.

It occured to me I can do more with their help than I ever could alone with Spirit of Half-Life. As such, I've taken the decision to move Aurora Effect from being a Half-Life mod to a Sven Co-op campaign.

What is very interesting with Sven Co-op 5.0 is that it will be a standalone game, you will not have to buy Half-Life to play it. Therefore, it means you will be able to play Aurora Effect without the need of purchasing Half-Life as well, you will only have to download Sven Co-op. Along with this, an incredible lot of new logic and customisable entities are in the game, but what is especially interesting here is how the engine limits have been raised to extremes. I can make levels that are way more detailed and interactive.

It also means Aurora Effect will have native coop support. Isn't that wonderful?

I will start working again on Aurora Effect after I'm done with what I need to do for Sven Co-op. In the meantime, here are some pictures from completed areas.

Keep faith! The mod is far from dead.

Army aircrafts Tram stuff
Xen cave


Ok , I read this and I see a good side and a bad side. From one side people will be able to play the mod on multiplayer and with the extras of all the of the Sven Coop version of the engine (I really like SvenCoop). On the other side that means the mod is pritty much multiplayer only since the engine is made for multiple people to play at once therefore its alot harder to get any progress if you plan to play alone. Also that makes the map exploitable with the help of doing a dogpile of friends and players. Overall Im not sure how this will effect the mod.
Its kind of twosided blade.

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MrMazure Author

SC5 includes a way to balance the map based on the amount of players. I'll use it to balance the coop experience, but also to allow the campaign to be played alone.

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Good to know.

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Not sure how I feel about this, but good luck on the new engine!

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