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Ships now fly around the map in real time. Take a look!

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Hi everyone! We’ve updated all movements to display the actual ships next to the movement marker. Docked fleets can also be seen patrolling around the station.


Resource Fields being harvested will now display mining activity as well. Mining Drones aren’t quite finished yet so we’re using Patrol Ships as placeholders.

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The next step is to show battles in real time on the map as well, and we're trying out a few different concepts in this regard. The amount of ships shown will depend on your fleet composition, and collateral damage to structures will be visible in the last phase.


We’ve also received a few questions regarding the size of the different ships, so our artists have put together this comprehensive ship size chart! Space banana for scale.

Lastly, four new cards are coming to Alpha 8: ESA Permit, Command Overhaul, Sensor Overload and Reactive Armor. Stay tuned for the Combat Update!


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