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It's Mod of the Year time again! With AOTF making it into the Top 100, we'd love your support in seeing just how high this rocket can go!

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Greetings all,

We're very happy to announce that Ages of the Federation has once again made it into the Top 100 mods of ModDb's Mod of the Year competition!

moddb top100 2022

Thank you, one and all for your votes thus far. We'd love it if you could continue supporting us by voting for us again as the competition progresses. As modders none of us do this for awards but it sure feels good to be appreciated and knowing that so many of you are enjoying the mod and looking forward to the re-release is really gratifying.

With that in mind, why not show your support to all your favourite mods? Share the love, people!

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So what's going on with Ages of the Federation?

AOTF is coming along very well, and we're getting very close to a release. All major factions save the Romulans are now fully playable and in the final stages of balancing and testing. At this stage we're on track for a holiday release, probably around New Years. An exact date will be announced soon.

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We're especially looking forward to seeing what you think of the all-new Xindi faction. They're the first new faction since the release of the Romulans in 2020, and along with all the improvements and new features packaged with the re-release of AOTF, the Xindi are looking to be a great new experience we really think (and hope) you're going to enjoy.

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Soon, my pretties. We'll be back with a lot more soon.

The next update will likely include an actual release date. Till then, don't forget to support your facourite modders in MOTY.

Until next time, be good. But not too good.
- OrionSlaver

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You Guys are awesome!!

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Griefmaker - - 21 comments

I have to say that when I first tried this mod I didn't really like it and went back to Armada 3. But when you did the last update I thought I would give it another go and boy did I enjoy it.

I can't wait for the big update very soon and you got my vote for Mod Of The Year.

The D7 is life!

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